Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good News Hard News

As I ready myself this Sunday morning to work yet again (thankfully, thankfully!), I am reading some blog posts and listening to Don Moen and Friends streaming on my computer. This radio show touches my heart and encourages me every time I can listen in. Today's topic is Hope. To understand Hope, though, we must understand and face Fear. He has such a great mix of music, words, and interviews that express the Hope of Christ conquering Fear. 

My goal this morning was to write something important about things that are heavy on my heart right now, but, of course, this crafty blog is really not the place. I just scrapped that and am moving on. Honestly though, my heart is heavy as I keep up with just the goings on in Haiti as well as the goings on in my own life. I've been growing up a lot the last couple of years now that I'm sort of an "orphan" with no elder to turn to above me, and it is liberating but painful and frightening as well to be the top of the family heap (along with my husband) - thus my thankfulness to be reminded not to give in to fear while listening to the show noted above and to find my fear diminished as it seems ridiculous in comparison with the devastation in Haiti.

So, to get these things off my mind and get to work, I will list what I want to share with no extra words.  Each of these items are Good News and Hard News combined, but what JOY will be found as each issue is resolved and struggled through and for which inidividual sacrifices are made.

This Isn't Grey's Anatomy. Kathy from Pink Chalk Studio told us about this young physician. Just read her story and follow her links, and then you'll know what I know. Amazing!

The Howertons. I don't know this family. One of the bloggers mentioned their story, and I feel like they've been mine for the last week as I prayed for them and the little one left behind in Haiti.  Can you believe? The boy they have been trying to adopt for three years arrived in America yesterday! Stories like that are going on all around our country!

The Don Moen and Friends Show

Third Day Song of Hope and Restoration.  There is Real Hope and Peace and Relief even in the chaos we see and live everyday. 

And a couple more Third Day Songs: 
It Feels Like I'm Born Again


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing. I have some friends who are trying to bring some kids to SC from Haiti. I love Third Day's music! So we have yet another thing in common.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better!

Nanette Merrill said...

I know how you feel. It is hard to balance life with how we blog sometimes. I wish spring would come!

Chris Worthy said...

Thinking of you...