Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Mailbox Makes Me Happy

.There have been more than the usual bills and junk mail in my box lately! My One Block Over Bee blocks are coming in from all over. I could never have guessed how beautiful they would be. You know how I worry over getting things right. I'm so glad I bought that bundle of fabric for the scrappy scarf-a-long I never made! And now to see the color combinations and style the bee participants are sewing up is so wonderful and inspiring. 

January Block - Shelly

I love this warm color combination at the top of the post sewn by Amy, and the same coziness was created by Shelly.  Then, on the creative side, I was so surprised to see Angie's shooting star design (right below).  All of them with the same pattern!  I'll show more on the next post, but you can check the bee blog link above to see them all. 

January Block - Angie

Yesterday I was at my LQS picking up some home dec fabric I need and was drawn to a specific set of fabrics. Isn't it funny when that happens? One is surrounded by every color and texture and potential sewing ideas, and something special or familiar just draws you in. The bolts had colors that felt so perfect together to me. I slid the bolt forward and saw that it was Riley Blake again. It may have been from the Just Dreamy line.  I was wishing I had one of the blocks with me so I could compare colors and see if I should buy some of that line to add to the additional blocks I'll be making to get this quilt a bit bigger than the pattern calls for. I'm thinking I may not sash this quilt in the spring green Kona cloth that you see in the corner blocks of the frame but use a tone-on-tone calico out of that set. Something new to obsess about now …..

So, last week, Margaret at the Q4 (I coined that nickname for her -- hope she doesn't mind) invited folks to participate in a Round Robin Quilt Block Exchange. I couldn't help myself and joined it. The leader is looking for one or two more participants, if she hasn't already found them. If you are interested, go here to the 2010 Round Robin Block Exchange and let Alicia of lucyquilts know. You can read all about it there

Okay, laundry, kitchen, general pick-up around the house, clocking in at noon … Uh, I think I have to run back to Bruegger's right now and get a DC refill for strength!


Crystal Hendrix said...

I love the top block!! I think from Amy? I love that fabric! What is it?? Those are just beautiful blocks! :D

Pat said...

The blocks are so pretty. I was able to join the round robin group, and am' so excited. I've just gotten started on my blocks now. Enjoy your blog, dear.

The Blonde Duck said...

How pretty!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

The blocks are beautiful!
Have you decided on your RR block...I am excited to see it. I think I am first on your list :)