Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty In The Box - Part II

My One Block Over Bee blocks have been rolling in all month. 

Each block is prettier in person, and they are stacked right here at my desk so I can move them around and play with the arrangement. 

My hope is that these will be put together as soon as possible after all blocks arrive, so we can see a finished product. 

Too bad the bee only gets together virtually; I could use the hands-on help to decide what to do. 

Several of us have already moved on to Heather's February wonky log cabin block.  I'm in love with the colors she chose.  I need to switch out the sofa in the family room, so I can make some throw pillows in this combination! 


Crystal Hendrix said...

Those are such beautiful blocks!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Such a great block choice and the fabric choices everyone used really brings the block to life.

Doris said...

I love your block for Heather, you are both going to have lovely quilts from this!

The Blonde Duck said...


Ravenhill said...

Michele, you are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful bee. The blocks are amazing! You are going to make it gorgeous, I just know it! I am really looking forward to seeing it done up.
~Emily xoxo