Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010!

New Year's Wish
Wow! I am so ready for 2010! I'm looking forward to a year STUFFED with work to make up for 2009 as well as honing my machine embroidery machine and design software skills. In November, I successfully transformed two local businesses' logos into embroidery designs for their uniforms. I'm catching on just a bit more in the design field with each project I take on. 
michele quilt fabrics framed
One new activity for 2010 that has me very excited is participating in my first virtual quilt bee! Doris of Threads of Conversation organized the One Block Over Bee and invited me to be part of the group. I am thrilled! I have longed to be part of a bee for a while but was too timid to ask, as I don't have any real quilting skills. Be sure to stop by the bee blog and scroll through the members. Everyone on the list but me has created a number of quilts. 

I took the January block so I could get my choice over with and not worry about comparing my decision to the other girls. I didn't want to risk getting too many ideas running around in my head. This way, too, I can see what's up with the process and then learn and practice the rest of the year. 

The fabrics for my block are from the Bloom and Grow line from Riley Blake. The set pictured was purchased from Material Gal. The block will be this pinwheel/star combo. Each member of the bee received a baggie containing a combination of prints plus two solids for the little frame around the pinwheel. The frame and the prints will be the only constant in the blocks. Each member can choose to add more fabrics, embellish, or change the configuration of the design. My biggest concern is getting the blocks back and putting them all together promptly! 

Today, I begin my studio clean out! I'm packing everything up but the essentials, cleaning the floor of all the scraps and threads that have gotten everywhere, rearranging the cutting table, setting up new tables so my machines sit in a row (Lowe's has the folding, 6-foot "banquet" tables on sale this week), and working on the task lighting. You know, I say "I am getting started," but, really, my husband has to do most of the above. I'm a total delegator and planner and a very weak laborer. Truly, my hands are built for fine motor skills, and I have no strength for big jobs. It's a burden …. He doesn't mind, though. The basement studio shares space with the laundry and utilities of the house, so it's a good project to do together. I just took panoramic photos to show you, but, other than the peek above, the view is just too horrible to share until the project is at least begun. They say pictures don't lie, but I tell you, it doesn't seem as awful through my rose-colored glasses! 


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh a quilting bee! How fun1 I love the fabrics you will be using, can't wait to see it all unfold. Happy New Year!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Best of luck in the new year. Love your fabric and block choice for your bee. Have fun. I feel your pain with the studio clean out and organization! We laid half of the flooring yesterday, oh my aching knees, and today I'm spending quality time cleaning out my exisiting space. I'm not brave enough to share photos of the mess. :o(

Nanette Merrill said...

I'm with you. I'm a good delegater too. Sometimes I need to delegate to myself! Love the quilt. I need to do the same.

Unknown said...

Wow, with all that fabric you can make some awesome quilts!