Monday, February 1, 2010

February Fresh!

Wow!  It feels as though the fog of January has lifted from my mind!  It's cold as ever here in South Carolina, but the sun is shining and I feel very refreshed today with this promise of a new month ahead. 
A new stash of fabrics was found at Hancock Fabrics last week.  After waiting two weeks for the 50% off sale + an extra 20% off the total, I loaded up on my favorite Hancock's store brand, Absolutely Cotton.  I'm thinking pillows, linens, charm packs, drawstring bags, bias tape ...  Anything is possible with these gems.  I've washed the lot and am on to ironing and folding them this week.  

Here are my other fresh and freshly renewed items up this month: 

I worked through this Breaking Free Bible study when it first came out ten years ago, and now my current Ladies' Bible study group chose to do the revised version.  I didn't want to do it again -- so much to learn and take on for one like me who takes everything so seriously when it comes to my faith.  However, I'm ten years older, I'm committed to the group, so here I go.  We are in Week 2 - my favorite week from the last round.  This time, because I am so much older and oh, so much wiser (right!), I hope to study the course as a student of the concepts and try not to get swept away (though I probably will) in the instant emotion of what I discover but take on the lessons and incorporate them into my life and daily living.  Trying not to get overwhelmed by the big picture but to take on daily truths allowing those things to develop as they are designed. 


Friends, I have had this machine for 14 months and haven't turned in on because I am afraid of it!  Push me, hold me accountable, give me advice!  I am truly ashamed of myself to have wasted such potential all these months.  That weighs on me like a cloud every time I look at the machine.  Send me a kick in the pants, please! 


We HAVE to get the tile backsplash up, the cabinets painted, and the laundry and bath remodeled.  I am making an appointment for a professional to come by this month.  If we can't afford the professional, maybe the power of DIY will set in.  My husband really is a wonder at all DIY projects.  The new countertops (not pictured, but Wilsonart HD) went in sometime last year -- I think!, or was it the year before? 

 The Harry Potter Book-On-Tape/CD Fest started a bit early this year; I usually wait until April or so and listen into the summer months while driving around town.  Oh, how I love HP5 - The Order of the Phoenix!  The angst of the teenager, the incredible story line, and the voice of Jim Dale.  We own all the books, but I don't even look at them.  I only want to hear Jim Dale act out each and every character of the story.  Haven't listened to these yet?  You MUST!  I'm only interested in Books 5-7, but you should start from the beginning and listen to how Jim Dale grows the characters and voices according to JK Rowling's development.  Fascinating! 


Puddles of Grace said...

I am going through the old Breaking Free with our womens Bible study! I havent done one of her studies before. I am finding it rather challenging but in a good way. I will def have to look into the updated study after I process this one!
PS. Love the fabrics!

~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, kitchen remodels! fun times!! Just do me a favor and don't paint the hinges, OK? Buy new ones, its not worth the consequences later on down the road. Plus it looks like crapola when the paint starts flaking off!

Nanette Merrill said...

I'm knocked out by those fabrics!

Jean C. said...

O.K. first of all... does your embroidery machine have a DVD that comes with it? You need to find a place to plug it in and at the same time watch the DVD... (if there is one... which most systems seem to have anymore!) and then remember that you are doing this for yourself...REPEAT THIS: NO ONE WILL COME TO YOUR DOOR AND ARREST YOU IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE!!!! And for that matter don't we all learn something when we make mistakes? Go for it.... remember why you bought the thing in the first place! Go Get Emmm! LoL... your no different than anyone else... we all have a tendency to get excited and then a bit overwhelmed by stuff... did you buy it at a store that is close by? Do they offer classes? You can do this! Think of it this way.... would you want your kids to have a go at it before you? Cause kids have tend to jump right into stuff... think young! Cause it's a new "toy" and you know you want to play with it!
Good Luck!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Wow you look like you are busy busy!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, you are starting the month off with a bang!! Love the fabric!

CitricSugar said...

Fear is just courage before she puts her make-up on. I hereby kick you in the pants and encourage you to get using that machine!! Even if the first couple of experiments are less than stellar, that's what learning's all about. Get to it!! (was that bossy enough??)

Seriously, take a deep breath and your time. But the machine won't get less scary if it just sits there staring at you. :-)

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

wow! you've been busy too like me!
Love the new fabric, so many bright colors! and that machine looks like it could eat you for lunch!

Hope you'll stop by to see what I've been up to as well!

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