Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spoonflower and My Stuff Up In Lights

Last month a new etsy customer found my shop and requested a pillow cover made in the Amy Butler fabric above.  At the same time, she asked if I would be interested in sewing up more pillow covers from art fabric by Spoonflower she found at Wall Candy.  Soon after, this charming bird fabric arrived, and I was so glad to have the opportunity to touch and feel some Spoonflower fabric.  Wow!  I am impressed.  The fabric is a tight woven cotton, shiny, and very fluid -- like really great bed sheets.  Edit:  Emily of Wall Candy (blog) tells me that the fabric is the organic sateen.  I carefully sliced it up and made the pillow covers.  They are just darling, and the etsy shopper did a great job matching up fabrics just shopping online, too!   
My wish for studio lights to photograph my products has nearly been granted.  I think this is my Valentine's gift -- or it might be just a coincidence, not sure.  My husband checked out the Pink Chalk Studios post I sent him to explain what I needed, and he picked everything up this week.  One stand is made, and he might have the other ready later today.  
I googled around a bit seeing what photographers use for light bulbs that are quickly accessable, and these were suggested.  It would be great if these are perfect, so I don't have to buy the more premium bulbs suggested.  If this is the appropriate lighting now, I won't have to wait for the sun to be in the perfect position casting just the right light on the front porch for photo shoots.  Yeah!  One more restriction crossed off my list!    


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Great fabric! The pillows are very pretty.

I hope you'll report on your light bulbs!

CB said...

I love how my pillows turned out! Thanks Michelle :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

I have to wait for the sun to shine at the moment. Mr. Creations is installing better and brighter lighting soon. Kathy always has such informative posts.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

That fabric looks fantastic! You did a great job!!

Paula said...

That fabric is fantastic! So cheery and fun.
I hear you about the right lights. I can't take a good picture these days to save my soul.

Diane Schmidt said...

I just replaces some of the recessed lighting in my kitchen from regular- fluorescent to "daylight fluorescent, not sure if this will help you but the do have quite a few at lowes,in different watts and I found the ones that have the covering over the swirly bulb to work better and be brighter- more full range of light. I always take my photos at night and now only need one stand light to help out for what I do :)