Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mike / Tim The Tool Guy Was Here

So, my super duper light stands are built -- and ever so much more sturdy than a girl might dream!  Once Michael got going, he came up with bigger and brighter ideas!  Extra lamps, the lamp clamps actually specially attached to the wood, and individual power boxes on each post.  I just hope I can move these babies around and not start a fire!  No, no, he does excellent work. 

I had some photo sessions with flowers and a few studio items but only came out with a few shots that were properly lit.  Actually, I still need to put in two more bulbs.  Also, I probably should read about and understand my camera settings; that could be a big help!  Next shoot will be done at the breakfast table to see if the overall lighting is better in the kitchen. 

Chisholm Trail Block

This photo came out nice and bright.  The block is for the second quilt bee I'm in, the 2010 Round Robin Block Exchange.  The block I chose is "The Chisholm Trail."  That's our name, so it was an easy choice to make. 

A closeup of my pretty Valentine bouquets.  The lighting is nearly there but not quite.  I was hoping this setup would be a perfect fix right off the bat!  No such luck, but I'm a bit closer.  Here are a couple more shots of the light stands. 


The Blonde Duck said...

This reminds me of that show Home Improvement--Tim the Tool Man Taylor!

Chris Worthy said...


gingerlime glow said...

Love it! Your guy is quite handy.

D-lyn said...

How wonderful that he did that for you! I need some handyness at my house too!

Autumn said...

lucky girl...;o)