Sunday, April 20, 2008

clubbmish - a second blog

What started out to be a place to display my finished goods so that my clients could keep up with what I have available in my shop, this calicodaisy blog, has, of course, become a chatty web journal for me -- and there is no going back.

So, after a month or so of planning, I have launched my second blog, clubbmish, to really be a catalog, of sorts, showcasing my finished works and products for sale.

I mentioned in the past that I offer a manufactured line of goods through Initials, Inc. These products fill out items that I cannot make or are too time consuming to make myself. Also included in this line is engraved silver jewelry and glassware.

clubbmish will serve as my spot to feature new items and old standards and hopefully encourage folks to remember me when the gift-giving time comes or the perfect home dec or personalized item is needed.

Because the Initials, Inc., line is generally sold through house parties, there is a bit of a quota one must keep to stay a creative partner in the firm. I really didn't intend to go in that direction, as I am busy enough with the two businesses at home. I had hoped to have the line available in my home studio that I am preparing for clients and open house events, but that office isn't quite ready yet. So, in hopes of generating sales this month and also to see how well this goes, I am hosting a virtual party for the Initials, Inc., products over at clubbmish. Please join me there and see if there isn't anything you have to have for yourself or as the perfect gift for someone. There will be door prizes awarded for comments and purchase incentives as well. Also noted there is the idea that anyone could hostess a virtual party through me. No need for housekeeping for this type of party, but all the benefits of hosting apply. Check out the catalog to see the great products, and then stop by clubbmish and read about the benefits of hostessing a party. See you there!
(Troubles: I can't figure out why the paragraph formatting is off, so it's a run-on!)

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Clare said...

Congrats on launching you new blog...I like the template ;)
Hope it goes well - it is a little later right now, but I will take a much better look soon
Take Care
Clare x