Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Most Needed Tutorial

Okay, there isn't much more I can say about this. The caption over the picture below says it all! This may solve a lot of drama between we moms who want demure daughters and daughters who want to follow the trend. That is my take on it, but a lot of bloggers pointed out how perfect this is for kids' pants, too.

Sew Mama Sew Blog is having a tutorial contest. For those of you who are new to this, tutorials are detailed instructions written and photographed for a project. There are a number of them complied at SMS, so after checking out the one below, you'll have to head over there and see what you can create. However, this is my most favorite!

by Becky at Whosies

This tutorial is to help those who unintentionally show off their bums. You will be shown how to insert an elastic band inside the waist band of jeans/pants to close that space down!

Finished look! Great job, Becky! Click here for the instructions.

This tutorial was put together by Becky at Whosies. Check it out!


Lilla said...

That is funny. Bum crack salvage.
Somehow I believe more will be neeeded for some I see around.
Maybe a block and tackle for a huge guy I saw with jeans down even lower.
He thought he was cool and must have been about 75.
I thank you for visiting my blog also.
Hope you find the mag. aloha Lilla

Mary Jo said...

OMG! Just want I needed! Thx.