Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's All About The Friends, Folks!

Remember this craziness?!

Well, two lovely friends came by, worked with me, and cleaned out that room! Thank goodness I have friends who know how to get a hard job done. I'm the type who can't see the trees for the forest and just shuts down. Teresa and Robyn came to my rescue in early April and spent hours helping me organize, toss, donate, and clear leaving me this lovely, pretty much empty room.

Robyn gave me two of her days off to come and paint! I was so grateful when she offered ages ago to paint with me. Because my husband is such a great painter, I have never really picked up the brush or roller. However, Michael is so busy with other work and home improvements, I didn't want to ask him to repaint the downstairs just because I wanted new colors. Robyn came with supplies and lunch on Thursday, and we primed away. I got great practice rolling with the primer.

Friday, we were back at it, and voila! One step closer to my vintage, shabby chic, robin's egg blue office. My paint choice is Lowe's Valspar Playful Pool - 5005-7C. Actually, I have to put one more coat up, but I was exhausted and have been transcribing all weekend when not doing errands.

Thank you, Robyn and Teresa, for helping me get this much closer toward my new office.


My son was asked to the prom by a friend at a neighboring school. I haven't asked if I can post her picture, but I had to show off Michael in a tux!

Camille was invited to a masquerade dance. She happened to have purchased this mask while in Louisiana over the Christmas holidays on a Habitat For Humanity mission she participated in.



oliver rain said...

You have gorgeous children! I love the blue walls too.

Becky J. said...

I can tell the room will be sooo cute. yes, you may copy the pictures and post. thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

What good friends you have! How nice! The color is wonderful, make it a little lighter and you have the color we painted my daughters LR/K/DR last Sat. LoL.... great minds think alike! Blue w/white trim and she is doing dark laminete floors.
It will be so nice for you once it's all organized again. Nothing like having a place to breath!
The kids look great, isn't it nice to see them get all dressed up? Nothing like a reason to wear a tux... at least that's what my son used to say! Enjoy your room.

Chloe said...

The room looks great. What a colour!

We dont have proms in the UK really. I wish we did though. Such a great time to be able to get all glammed up in lovely clothes!