Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Love Paris In The Spring Swap - And I love what Paula sent me!

It was a crazy week last week getting ready to leave for Washington DC with my son and finishing up the Sweet Goodness Swaps swap with Paula. It took me ages and lots of trips to the stores to figure out what to do, but it finally came to me thanks to a new embroidery frame design and font I picked up a couple of weeks ago. (See my new font images on mishflicks - fonts. These aren't all my fonts, but I just had this bright idea last week to set up a flickr set to showcase them!)

Well, I went for the good old shopping tote and monogrammed dishtowel, but I think they came out beautiful. I can't wait to make something for Camille and myself with this look! We were to include a handmade item, a thrifted item, a new item, and some crafty goods that met the swap color requirements of blue, black, and white. I'm not a good thrifter around my hometown, so I put in some cuts of scrapbook paper and ribbons for my thrifting. I sent a pretty "French" box and candies, however, I only photographed what I made, as I was feverishly trying to pack it all up for my husband to post after I left town. Maybe Paula will get a shot of the goodies I sent.

I actually received Paula's box a day or two before sending mine but didn't open it until my package was sealed. The morning of my trip, I opened it up and received such a timely swap gift.

Paula made felt hand-embroidered luggage tags! Aren't they beautiful? Look at her whimsical design for the Eiffel Tower. I love that and can't wait to copy it for myself. She did such a great job, and these are very beautiful and useful items. Immediately, as you can see, I put the Eiffel Tower on my laptop bag that I took on my trip. I knew my luggage was going to get thrown around under the bus, so I didn't put the other one to use yet. I think that one will go on a tote bag that I keep near me. Well, she sure outdid me on the extra items. The box was full including a scarf, a little box full of blue and white and black candies (that was a smart find!), craft goodies, a glass pendant necklace, printed tissues, a butterfly scarf, a vintage perfume bottle, and a spoon rest that will go perfect in my still-to-do shabby chic kitchen in the apartment. See more views on mishflicks - swap set. What a great swap partner. I was so fortunate!


Paula said...

Michele, I DID NOT outdo you ~ I love the entire package you sent. Everything is thoughtful and gorgeous. You did such a fabulous job. Thank you so much! What a fun swap ~ We were both lucky ~ LOL!

Unknown said...

Such a delightful swap! You both sent such lovely things. Your monogramming looks so professional and pretty. What fun it must have been to receive the package from France with the beautiful luggage tags.

oliver rain said...

That tote is lovely. What a great package you received. Loving the luggage tags.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love teh monogrammed tote - it finishes it off perfectly. The luggage tags are so cue - what a great idea. Looks like your swap was heaps of fun!

Paula said...

I finally got around to posting about our swap on my site. I've also added some pictures to the flickr group. Hope you're having a great weekend!