Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Vintage Magpie and Lavender Bunnies

While perusing the blogs last month, I came across Nicky, The Vintage Magpie, and her lavender bunnies. Allsorts featured a bunny she received, and it was so sweet, I hopped right across the pond to see who made the little darling. I was swept away by Nicky's bright, pretty pictures and photos of her beautiful town in England.

I kept checking back often hoping to catch a bunny for myself. Here she is, Elizabeth Rose, made to order with her pink sweater and striped socks! She is made of mohair and filled with dried lavender and smells so sweet.

My daughter, Camille, had a fit for the bunny when she arrived home - she wanted it for herself - as did the dog, Jip, but he didn't really want to cherish Elizabeth Rose, just get a good hold of her. I think I'll have to keep her safe next to me on my desk for inspiration and lavender dreams.

Nicky has had quite a run with her sweet bunnies. Check out her blog, her pretty pictures, and her
etsy shop and see if you can catch a bunny for yourself. Tell her Michele sent you.


Nan said...

Oh how sweet! I can see why you couldn't resist!

Paula said...

Ah, what a cutie ~ and smelling like lavendar to boot!

Dana said...

She is cute as a bunny!