Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Boy Charm Packs

Over the last year I've been collecting manly and boy cotton prints to use in my projects and to create my "All Boy" Charm Packs.  The packs today include 60 - 5 x 5 charms, six each of ten prints. 

The fabrics are prewashed before cutting, so you know that your projects will turn out true to size, and the worry of colors bleeding is taken care of.  Add some great solids to the charms, and you'll be all set for a great design.  Just remember, prewash any fabrics you use, so you won't get any sizing surprises. 

Two are listed in my - The Handmade Fair - shop today.  Some David Walker "Oh Boy!" dinosaurs are in these sets.  I have lots more to put together, however, I'm already stressing over color and theme combinations.  Geez!  I wish I could just go freestyle and zip, zip, zip, but, no, I think of what the blocks will look like together.    


Chris Worthy said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous and such a great buy! I made my first charm pack baby quilt last Christmas and the biggest source of stress for me was worrying about washing the quilt after it was finished. I just couldn't wash those little squares in advance because I knew they would be ruined. YOUR way is brilliant -- wash, then cut, then sew. You will sell loads of these.

Cottage Swing said...

I love the All-Boy fabrics you've found! And I am inspired by the long list of blogs that you follow! Wow. I am looking forward to checking out your Etsy site. Wishing you all the best,