Thursday, August 12, 2010


Have you heard about the "Next" button yet?  Michelle at greetingarts posted about a new Google Reader feature she found through the blog grapevine that led back to directions from Oops

Essentially, you put the "Next" button up on your favorites bar, and when you hit it, you automatically go to the next blog post in your reader line up -- onto the actual blog!   So, the blogger gets her "hits" for google analytics (if that's important to her/me), and the reader actually lands on the blog and can get back to experiencing the blog site and all the little pretties, the sidebar, and the other features the author designs on her site.  I mean, we don't decorate just for our own pleasure!  Anyway, it's easy, you should add it! 

Quick edit:  I've been strolling through my next button for the last little bit since I posted.  Rather than just scrolling down your reader list and only catching the words and a thumbnail shot of the blogs you like to keep up with, the next button is like turning the pages of a magazine.  Someone should figure out how to connect the next button with the right arrow key, so the hand isn't always on the mouse. 

My next studio completions this week were the camera strap cozies / covers yesterday, the Manly patchwork cover posted previously and the blue medallion one above. 
Towel Set Monogram
My previous next (get that?) was the monogrammed towel set for my friend's son who is off to his freshman year in a couple of weeks.  We moms must keep them stylish and clean! 


The Blonde Duck said...

Cute towels!

josh healy said...

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