Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Getting By ...

Do you ever feel like you're running and crawling at the same time?  That's my mode at the moment.  At the beginning of the day with the promise of about 17 hours before me, anything seems possible.  Lying back in the bed at night, I can't remember if I did anything important. 

I'm just chugging along in the sewing room.  A One Block Over Bee block was completed last night; uh, that's the June one.  Now for a paper-piecing July block, and I haven't opened the envelope for the August one, though I know it's a strip block, and I'm familiar with that pattern.  
Baby gifts and going-to-college items such as embroidered pillow covers and towels are going out as well.  Isn't the little firefly darling?  Another custom bridal garter to make and send out this week.  Then, as has been planned for some time, 5-inch charm packs for boys quilts (prewashed fabrics) are getting organized for a photo shoot and listings in my shop this week or next. 

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gingerlime glow said...

I keep meaning to get these catalogs with beads over to you, what time are you done working on Thursday evenings, I could run them up there.