Thursday, August 12, 2010

Putting A Little Man In the Mix

Generally when buying fabrics and thinking up new items to create in the sewing room, it's all about what the girls want.  In the last year, though, I've been concentrating on picking up fabrics suitable for the men / guys / boys in my customers' lives.  It's getting easier, as a number of designers are putting out really up to date prints for men.  However, I've taken my college-aged son with me several times to the fabric store and had him take a gander through the quilting cottons to see what he likes.  All I see first are the flowers and pinks and trendy looks that I like for myself.  He sees the darker colors and geometrics I rarely notice.  My eyes are getting keener for suitable fabrics, though, and I've rounded up quite a few great prints over the last year for my man-stash, as I call it. 

Over the holidays last year, I nearly put together two quilt tops for my husband and son.  Alas, not finished yet, but the fabrics are great.  I've been slicing and dicing the leftovers, too, to put together manly charm packs for my shop.  All fabrics are prewashed, so no worries about shrinkage or colors running. 

You can see several of the fabrics in my Manly Camera Strap Cover I've listed today in my "college savings" shop, the handmade fair.  I've got to get on with all that saving!! 

The manly and boy charm packs should be in there soon! 

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greetingarts said...

Nice, reminds me of ties and other manly things. :0)