Saturday, August 23, 2008

Binding Today

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I'm quilt binding away while Camille tries her hand at cutting out and sewing a dress today. I'm so glad she wants to sew. I've been encouraging her for years and sent her to classes, but she has never just taken it on by herself. I have the blogs to thank. So many bloggers are hip and young making such trendy things, and she realizes we can produce that right here. I forward the links to her so she can just peruse through on her own time, and I think that's made an impression on her. She really likes the Simplicity 3835 top I made earlier in the summer and wants another with fabrics like those we have seen on the blogs.

Anyway, I took a little poll rearding what color quilt bindings to offer. Red and orange were tops. Black surprised me the most, though. Jean suggested black, and I was just going to respond back to her and say, "Black! Really?" Right then, an e-mail arrived from the local quilt shop owner who said, "Brown and turquoise are the popular colors right now but definitely black." Thus, I took my 40%-off Hobby Lobby coupon and picked up some black this week -- and charcoal, too, because it looks so lush.

Did you see the quilt pattern Kathy designed at Pink Chalk Studio? She used the Denyse Schmidt cheater quilt panels available at Pink Chalk Fabrics and put together a quilt kit for the same look. The quilt pattern is free to download. She used Kona cotton in "curry" for her quilt binding, though does not offer this in her kit. The curry is so pretty against her fabrics. I didn't find any curry but did pick up papaya, as above, and it looks pretty great next to all the calicos sitting in my ironing stack. I'll be cutting and seaming those colors this weekend.

I know if you are a crafty one, you might not need to purchase pre-made quilt binding. However, you might remember me if you have a quilting friend who doesn't have the time or thinks she might not be able to put it all together and refer her to my calicodaisy etsy shop. If you do refer anyone, ask them to let me know who sent them so I can thank you, too.

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