Friday, August 15, 2008

South Carolina Embroidery Designs

South Carolina Palmetto Designs

We're moving our son into the Unversity of South Carolina dorm tomorrow for his freshman year! We are very excited and nervous. We have about an even number of friends heading downtown for USC and upstate to Clemson to move their kids in, too! I'm quite popular right now with embroidery orders for both sides. A duvet cover for one gal, towels for my son, and bibs for babies of college alumni. Here are a number of South Carolina big college themed embroideries I have available. They all embroider out very pretty and are nice and bright and very substantial. I have several sizes of the palmetto tree from 4 inches down to tiny ones that can work on a polo. Please visit the mishflicks site to see my finished work and more embroidery styles in the Palmetto Embroidery Design set to see if there is something there you'd like to have fashioned in your team colors.

Clemson PAW-metto Tree Bibs

Here are some bibs I embroidered out last night. You'll find these in the calicodaisy etsy shop. Take it easy, USC fans! I have to take my orders from whence they come! If you would like your team tree or cheerleader with a name included on any particular item, just e-mail me from here or convo me from etsy so we can discuss a custom order.

Reversible Pinafore - Sizes 12 months to 4T

Soon I'm going to list this reversible pinafore design I sewed up this week. I've already bought appropriate school colors for a solid on one side with a monogram or design and a coordinating calico for the other. Contact me soon for custom orders! This pinafore will obviously work with any set of colors, holidays, or seasons - with or without embroidery. The top can be worn with a shirt underneath or without. Sizes are 12 months to 4T.

All the above designs look great on shirts, children's dresses and tops, towel sets, golf towels, linens, etc. Now that I have the new serger, I can even whip up a set of napkins for tailgating!


Paula said...

OOOOHHHHH! I love the little reversible pinafore. I haven't seen one in such a long time! I know a little girl who may be needing one. My little niece. I'll be looking at your Etsy for sure!

lori said...

OH my WORD! What a fabulous site you have here!!! :) The Clemson paraphernalia helps!!:)I just LOVE it all...I'm going to head back over to poke around a bit more...

I'm laughing too....I have cousins who have just moved to S.C...twins and they are heading to college this fall as well, one to S.C. and one to know which one we'll be sending care packages too!:)HA!

If your son runs into a guy with the last name..."DIXON" he just may be related to me!

I'm going back for some more "eye candy!" What a great place you have here!
I love etsy and do quite a bit of shopping over there..I'll stop by!

I am jealous...not very gifted with a needle...a brush is more my I LOVE looking at this kind of thing! treasures!

Peace to you!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love that reversible pinafore! It's so precious!

Lorrie said...

Hey Michele, I love the cute little cheerleader! Everything you do is great! You are so talented!