Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Destashing Fabric Scraps - Quilt Squares

Destashing Fabric Scraps - Quilt Squares

The wheels have been turning in my mind thinking of ways to pay off my new little friend - who I have yet to turn on - that I bought last week. While cleaning off my fabric table the other night and staring at my overfilled, laundry basket of scraps, it occurred to me that I could put together bags of pre-cut fabric squares and place in my etsy shop. So, while watching my favorite Law & Order CI Sunday evening and The Closer (thank yeeewww!) Monday evening, I organized two baggies of yummy fabric, as pictured above. Notice there are some Amy Butler, Erin McMorris, and Heather Ross fabrics in there as well as a bunch of fabrics picked up at my favorite quilt and fabric shops, both online and in-store. All the fabrics are a very nice weight suitable for quilting.

My fabrics are always washed and dried as soon as I walk in the house and then ironed and folded nice before putting away. One bag has #100 count of 2.5-inch squares. The other bag is filled with #50 squares measuring 4.25 inches. Both are listed in my etsy shop.

A quick-use idea for the larger squares: Sew four over four to create a 16-inch square pillowtop. Add a pretty ruffle or piping to make it gorgeous. Sew five over five squares, and you should have a 20-inch pillow top. I think I have that right. If not, sew together anyway, and you make your own custom pillow form to fit! I think I'm going to add that to my to-do list and see how it works out.

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The Blonde Duck said...

You ironed all of that? I should buy a bag just for that!