Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Designs For Boys

applique 101508

These are what I worked on in my shop last night. This embroidery applique is so lush and detailed. I get mesmerized watching the designs appear on the machine. I generally get a little bit overwhelmed choosing color combinations, as for the cupcakes I did last week, but these boy designs make it a bit easier - primary colors.

Tractor embroidery/applique

However, I need to pick up some blacks and other solids that have a sort of tone-on-tone thing going on for dimension. See the tractor wheels here. I love this black and gray Asian design. Not sure it is perfect for the boys, but it worked last night.

These designs were ordered for boys' rompers by the sewist I mentioned last week. I can't wait until she has the outfits done, so I can show you. I'm waiting to do a big reveal, though, so you see everything at once, and I'll link you to her site at that time.

Barnyard applique

Here is the set of barnyard designs I have. These designs would also look great on throw pillows or quilts. If someone has a barnyard nursery theme going on, you could really go wild coming up with a gift idea. If you'd like to make a pillow, you could order, say, the barnyard applique worked out on a blue home-dec fabric with the child's name underneath. I send you the fabric panel, and you can finish up the project. Also, any of the animals would actually work as a patch/applique for a sweatshirt or onesie. For that purpose, I embroider out on a thin cotton so you can either trim closely around the design right at the threads or trim out at about an eighth of an inch away from the design and needle-turn applique it onto the garment.

And, one more set for boys - and girls, too. Check out the VW Bug!:

car appliques

I created a new set on my flickr site showing off my sewn-out appliques so you can see them done up in fabrics. So far, I've blogged about all of them at this point, but I plan to just keep adding to the set as I finish sew them out. You'll have to check back!


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

totally cute! the puppy looks like Dyllan's stuffed puppy and that rocket ship is so fun looking!

Nanette Merrill said...

Holy Cow could those be more colorful and cute? Nope! Michele your work is so good.

Paula said...

You've done it again, cute!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the duck! I need the duck! That's it! I need a hat with a duck on it!

Nan said...

awh... adorable!

There's an award for the taking if you are interested on my blog.

ginger said...

How cute is that barn!? And the goat, especially!