Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Love - And A Birthday Week Celebration!

Goodness! I am going to pop with pride in a minute! Three times this week I've read about calicodaisy on blog friends' postings. A little of my embroidery business dream coming true, as two of them have used my embroidery sew outs in their own work.

Tallgrass Prairie Studio - I told you about Jacquie in the last post. If you haven't been by her blog yet, you should. She actually has presented a collaborative quilting project idea. If you are serious about wanting to stretch your skills and would like to participate, you'll have to read all about it and see if the project idea is for you.

Freda's Hive - Nanette has been working in overdrive the past few months since I found her. She always has lovely fabrics and projects to share with us. Nanette ordered some beehive embroidery work from me, as that obviously goes well with her blog theme. She chose an embroidery design from one of the sites I referred her to. Nanette created a new banner for her blog, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had her friend incorporate one of the little beehives into the banner design. I will tell you, though you probably already know, that I love to click on Nanette's blog not only to read her posting but just to see my little something up there at the top!

Purple and Paisley - Happy Birthday, Terri! Terri is a new blog friend to me. I've noticed her work before and read about her through Nanette's blog. Last week I was surprised when notified that a calico pillow I made - waaaay baaack, (see photo above) - sold from my calicodaisy etsy shop. Then I received a sweeter surprise when Terri e-mailed me, let me know Nanette had referred her to my shop, and then explained that she is having her own Birthday Celebration Week this week and is giving away prizes each day from favorite spots around etsy and featuring the artists! How nice! I'm so thrilled that she chose me and one of my pieces of work to give away. Today is actually the day she is featuring my little pillow. Please stop by and comment, and you could have a chance to be the winner. If you keep up with her blog each day this week and comment on each posting, you will be counted in for her drawings as well.

If you don't have your own blog, you can still play and be anonymous logging in to comment. You must leave your e-mail address (remember, do it like this: yourhandle (at) whatever (dot) com) in the comment box, so she can contact you if you win. Otherwise, she will have to choose someone else.

If you like the pillow above and don't win that giveaway but would like a similar one for yourself, I have a few more ready to ship and sitting in my studio. Below is a little mosaic of the pillows for sale, however, the photo quality isn't that good. I didn't get anything right the day I shot these photos, and I never went back. My favorite of the pillows below is the one called "calico buttons." It's the poorest of the photos but made of the prettiest provincial prints. I've listed the price with shipping on the individual photo at my mishflicks page. If you will e-mail me at the address given in the photo description, I can paypal invoice you for the pillow.

embroidered pillows

Pillow Talk Mosaic


Abby and Stephanie said...

You're in demand Michele. I just visited Terri's blog and then came right to yours. CUTE pillow.

Purple and Paisley said...

thank you for the mention and wow! i love all of your pillows...they're wonderful...☺

Nanette Merrill said...

You are a sweetheart Michele. Thanks for the kind words. I love that pillow on T's blog!

The Blonde Duck said...

Good for you! I'm glad people are recongizing your talent!

Jen @ said...

Congratulations - you are so talented. Everything you make is beautiful!

Have a great night!


Nan said...

That number needs to be offically changed to FOUR blogs mentioning your blog! ;)

Lynn said...

Love the pillows! Have a Happy New Year! Love your blog!