Friday, January 16, 2009

For The Boys - Part II

Men's and Boys' Handmade Ties

Here is Michael showing off the brown argyle tie. Looks great, and he loves it!

I also found the dimensions for boys' ties and made a couple of those, too. The kid's pattern snuggles right into the large triangle area of bias cut fabric the men's tie left over.
Now I have to get off the tie kick and use my four-day weekend for what's been on my to-do list for weeks and get the studio office and sewing room in order. I have help today. I met a new friend at one of my shows - she is a vendor of yummy candles and handmade jewelry. She loves to organize when she isn't working as a nurse, so she came today to help! I am going to get that CHAMBER OF FABRICS! as organized as possible so I can use it to its full potential - as it looks like that is where my professional life is going right now.

The picture of the chamber above was taken a year ago, and I'm sorry to say it doesn't look much different in there, except probably a half again the fabric thanks to on-line shopping!
It really seems AWFUL and shameful to me to have so much. However, when the ladies came shopping this holiday and earlier last July, they loved being able to pull fabrics to put together for their own ideas. I guess it's like having paints one of every color, if I were a painter. It's just that fabric is of much more volume!

I have new plans to put into order in there, though, and I have to make room to work properly and efficiently, and I'm grateful to get the help from someone who is an organizer as well as a crafter.


~Michelle~ said...

Oh hit the mark with this one...I love argyle and so does hubby... I may have to violate my Valentines day spending limit now...

Unknown said...

You sound like me. I get side tracked to easily lately & don't get what I had planned done.
I'm tagging you for a
6th picture meme
Check out my blog to see what it is all about.

Jen @ said...

Cute tie! You are so talented!!!


Abby and Stephanie said...

Well one must have a variety from which to choose, right? Great ties.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love that tie!

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog name and liked the sound of it so much I wanted to come and have a peek. What beautiful things you make - I'm glad I came!