Saturday, January 17, 2009

Progress and Other Things

We worked four hours straight yesterday down in the apartment. It was general cleaning and unpacking of these boxes ...

... to get all the books into the pretty bookcase above. It's been a couple of years since I have actually seen all our books. I packed them up a couple of years ago when I sold my bookcases intending to do something that I've now forgotten. Then the following year, plans changed and we redid the studio office, and finally this year, they are unpacked and put away. It's really like finding old friends. I love to read, and I especially love great children's literature. There are so many wonderful classics. Now I can finally remember what I've read and share reviews on Good Reads. Next, I need to make those black and white curtains for the windows in there.

Then, after unboxing books and loading up the bookshelves, Cyndi and I worked in the sewing room. She ironed. I folded the fabric, swept up, and began shifting things around. There is still a lot to do, but we made a good dent in an hour. It does help to have a helper who understands what you need and "is on the clock," so that makes the job done much more efficiently.

The other day, I asked for ways to use the heart fabric I had and offered a fat quarter to whoever's name I drew from the commenters. I have found a new blog friend. Joanne, who goes by Tatty Mum, lives in England and won the fabric. I am anxious to see what she does with it. I feel ridiculous now saying I didn't know what to do with the fabric. Everyone had such great ideas. What was wrong with my creative brain? I think because the accounting part of my brain always has to have a reason to do something, it didn't see how Valentine themed fabric could go that far. I have plenty of ideas now to get started and hope to try out some.

birds of change exchange

I joined Creative Kismet's handmade bird swap. We are sending in five and receiving five back from different crafters. We have the option of participating in a personal g-away of a sixth bird on Tuesday, January 20. First stop by Creative Kismet that day and check out who is participating - I think she might have a list, I'm not sure, and then you can pop around and see the birds available. I'll have one posted, too, on that day, and I guess we should leave it open for a couple of days so folks can check in. I love my little birds. I've made the design before and have gotten better this time around. Please come back on Tuesday and see my little bird.


temporario said...

invitation to visit the:

Regards and thank you.

Abby and Stephanie said...

I'll be back to see your little bird. What a happy color on your walls and I can just see black and white curtains! CUTE.

Joanne said...

Oh my what a lot of books and fabric you have.
I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to do with the wonderful fabric when it arrives. Now do I use it on one big project or shall I use it in lots of small projects hmm the possibilities.
Thank you for calling me a friend this blog land is certainly alot more friendly than the real world.

Joanne xx

Unknown said...

You have been busy!!! Well done! The walls are so pretty! What gorgeous piles of fabrics!!! I know you will put them all to great use too!

I am sorry to have been so slow about writing! I have had mom visiting and then been sick with the flu... Lovely to feel better again.

Take care and stay warm! Oh, your ties are fabulous!!!
~Emily xx

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi there. Wow what a busy person you have been. I too have been unpacking and packing boxes today, trying to tidy out my studio but unfortunatley I didn't have a helper, you do seem to get on so much quicker with two pair of hands. Your fabrics look gorgeous, you have a wonderful collection. xx

Jill said...

Wow excellent progress, you've just inspired me to get my sewing room reorganized! I can't wait to see your little birds!

Lilla said...

Hello Michele,
I need to do a New Year cleanup too. Good luck with yours.
Visited daughter #1 and she was great. Talked about your visit a lot. After the doggies that is.
Send your address to me please.
aloha Lilla

The Blonde Duck said...

You've been busy!