Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative Catch-Up

scarves in a roll

It feels like weeks have passed since I've been hanging out in my sewing studio, but really it's just five days today. Other work and everyday family needs took precedence these past days. I had big plans to be in there last evening, but since I worked outside my home office and had to be pretty and dressed and ready to go early and then do errands and get dinner afterwards, it was full day, and I sat down and fell apart after dinner. A waste of a creative night? I don't know, but it feels like it. However, The Closer (TV show) was back on, and I did perk up in time to watch that!

Above are a bunch of scarves I have left over from crocheting up a storm a couple of years ago - pre-embroidery machine. They are still popular, and I sold a number of them during the holidays. That yarn is acrylic, but it is yummy and warm and can be thrown in the wash and lightly fluffed in the dryer and then hung to finish. It doesn't pill quickly and is so cozy on the neck. I had repeat buyers this year; that is a nice compliment. The rest I've arranged in the cupboard in my studio office. I have the itch to make more now, but I better hold off.

Just to remind myself I have been busy over the last month, I photo-journaled these items:


Nice and springy. The little yo-yo button pony holders are so cute! I have more, but the lighting right now is awful to take quality photos. I need to figure out what lights to purchase so I can create a home photo studio. The totebags should be hung for photos, but my wall colors don't seem to bring out the best in closeups. I was going to paint the apartment downstairs in a vintage yellow, but I think I might go with a warm, creamy white everywhere, and at least I'll always have a good backdrop for photos. Oh, see the pretty prim flour sack towel. I like how that turned out. Not too fussy for using the towel, but the design definitely perks it up.

How about this for you St. Paddy's Day celebrators?

Shamrock Fabric

Shamrock fabric for ties! I've got several cut out, and hopefully these will be as popular as the heart tie. There was a great run on those, and I bought up the rest of that Valentine fabric from Hobby Lobby! Let me know if you would like a shamrock tie.

Project Improv - charity quilt square

I'm sending this off today to Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio for our Project Improv charity square. I had such nice comments from the group about the square, so I decided to make two more larger ones to turn into pillow covers, but I can't recreate it. That's the breaks, I guess, on improvising. The new squares, of course, aren't bad, it's just that they aren't the same. I'll finish them, though, as it takes a lot of time to improvise!

Alrighty, then. I just had to take a creative moment before I finish dressing to go work out in the world again today. Soon I won't be training anymore, and my p.r.n. schedule will better suit my daily lineup, but for right now, I am so grateful to have found this little job. It's just perfect for me and my family, and I feel like this bit of job security in my field is the answer to the nagging worries bothering me over the past year as the industry changes. So, now I will go creatively transcribe!


~Michelle~ said...

Ooooh - that block is FANTASTIC! I love how bright it is!

jacquie said...

that block is fan tas tic!! i can't wait to see it in person. do you have those scarves in your shop? from one who can't knit or crochet a stitch...i do love those!

tam said...

Diggin on that quilt block! Shamrock ties~How cool is that!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

You have all kinds of projects going on. Good for you! I love the fabric square that you made - what bright and happy patterns and colors.

Can't wait to see what you make next!


The Blonde Duck said...

You needed a bit of a break! Don't beat yourself up!

Unknown said...

Michele, what an incredibly beautiful block! I hope you will do more work like that. You are so talented!
~Emily xoxo

Browndirtcottage said...

Great block...love the fabrics!

MaryBeth said...

Everything is bright and cheery, I love it. I could really go for a nice and warm scarf, it has been so darn cold here in Beaverton lately...BURR.

ko said...

i wish you lived closer...i want to learn to quilt so badly! :) All of your CREATIONS are breathtaking!

Nanette Merrill said...

Lovely stuff really Michele. Nice. Love the fabric.