Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seconds, Anyone?

I was on a roll sewing French Press insulated cozies after making a set up for my nephew and his wife last week. I thought I was so smart to use a hot pink, batik dishtowel I've had for ages to make more with contrasting black and white dotted cotton. However, I made a mistake and put the loops and buttons on the wrong ends - on both of them, of course, because I had a production line set up. If I hadn't put the topstitching on already, I would have had a seam ripping session and correct them, but no, they are complete. So, I'm offering them in my calicodaisy shop at half price as "seconds" for $7.00 plus shipping. Everything else is perfect; it's just that instead of the tab slipping through the handles of the press to attach the loop, it just fits awkwardly opposite.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely words! I am so impressed by all of your recent projects; they are beautiful!

I read on an earlier post that your machine is computerized and you want to try motion quilting. I do, too. I just got the Brother CE4000 this week - is that the one you have? Just curious... I don't have a free motion foot, though.

The Blonde Duck said...