Friday, September 28, 2007

Owl Swap Complete!

My first swap is complete. Check out the All Things Owl swap items sent and received by Camille and me here: Owl Swap Pictures. Camille took lots of pictures, and I didn't know which ones to pick, so you can see them all!

Camille and I had a great time in our first craft swap. There are so many cute owl ideas out right now on clothing and linens, but when it came to making something for a person I didn't know, choosing what to do was a tough decision. Camille and I each had a partner to swap with. Because Camille is just starting out sewing and crafting, she made a softie and I added a scarf to the set for her partner, Dallas. Dallas has great pictures on her blog of the items, and she sent out a very hip little owl to Camille and a purse with funky fabric that is her interpretation of owl eyes. Very cool! A good job done by a new seamstress.

My partner was Michelle C (the swap organizer thought that was fun: Michelle C to Michele C). Michelle is a paper artist, one of many talents, and she sent me a beautiful handmade journal and flower pen. I've only seen this art in magazines and on HGTV shows, not in person. It is really beautiful and warm, and she put in lovely sentiments. She helped me think of a great way to put this journal to use this season, and I am going to get started on that right away. It's sort of a sweet personal journey to record, and I appreciate her thoughtfulness on the subject. You should check out her site, too, as she seems to be quite informed on what is going on in the crafter's blogging world of activities. I sent her a tote bag and a little pin that I designed based on the little owl doodle drawing Michelle drew on the journal. It is a bit of hers, mine, and ours.

You can check out many of the other owl swapper's projects here: Swapper Photos.

This isn't my last swap, as I'm in another due in October and one in November, and I believe this can get out of hand, so I'll have to hold off on searching for more, but it has been a great introduction into the crafter's blogging world. So many are so talented. It is such a great way to share the excitement and learn unending new things from so many people!