Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Wow! What a month! I think I worked from eyes opening each day to dropping exhausted into bed each night. Between my computer work and embroidery orders, not to mention shopping, kids' activities, decorating, church program, and cooking, my days were filled. I have had a blessed few days since Christmas to relax, and I can't get a thing done because I have no deadlines to keep me running. I should be doing housework right now, but I'd rather be blogging, and, so, here I am.

Along with gifts and orders and swap projects, I made these sweet little birds from a pattern in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. They are so darling. It's a little tricky to piece them the first time and make a round tummy, but once you get the hang of it, you'll want to make a flock! I intended to make sets of these to give to my friends, but just a few made so far. Check out mishflicks and see everything I've been doing this month.

For the ornament swap, I ended up making yo-yo's again. I really liked making those for my garland last month and thought they would be an easy project to duplicate ten times over to send out for the swap. In the meantime, I thought my design was a flop for the postcard swap, so, to make up for my lack of creativity, I also included a yo-yo ornament in each of those envelopes. I got pretty good at making them up. Look at the cute buttons I found at Joann Fabrics. You should pick some up for your stash. There are about 20 buttons in a small package. I made a cute arrangement of the ornaments and postcards I received back in those swaps. I will post those later on as I download the pictures.

I had a request for a new item I hadn't made before - fabric headbands embroidered with names. I had recently spotted a pattern, so I put them together and thought they turned out well. I hear the headbands fit just fine on the girls, so I am hoping to have a picture of them to add to my repertoire. However, here they are pictured in a row and one close up.

My son, the Group Commander for his high school JAFROTC (had to brag), asked me to make some scarves for the girls who are on his staff. These turned out very cute. I really like this idea of fleece and flannel. First, you can make it quickly, second, they wash well -- always an important consideration when putting time and effort into a wearable object, and third, they are nice and cozy. Cody said the girls loved them, and he even got a text message a few days ago from one of them just to say she was wearing hers. That polkametto tree has been a big request this season. For those of you outside South Carolina, the palmetto tree and moon is on our state flag, and that design has been used in so many ways on SC gifts. We love it!

I have really been enjoying reading blogs this season. It is quite addicting and so unbelievable the talent we all have ready to get out when given time and practice. I want to list all the ones I have loved, but it would be a long list. It's great entertainment and very validating and inspiring to pop around from one blog to the next. I have a new favorite site to read. It is Ravenhill. She is an American who has made Norway her home. She has little kids and makes very nice treats for them. Stop by her blog and see what is going on there and then go to her favorite blogs. A lot of them are in Europe and the UK. Right now, she has the most beautiful pictures of Christmas Day in Norway right off the sea. There are only a few hours of light each day in the winter, and the pictures are lovely. Make a comment and tell her I sent you. She will know me as calicodaisy.
Well, the time has come, even at 11:10 PM, that I have to finish the housework -- bathrooms, you know. I've known this since I woke up at 6:00 this morning, but somehow I have let 17 hours pass while busying myself with other chores - and shopping the clearance sale at K-Mart early this morning (very important and very good deals on fleece blankets and Christmas decorations) - and avoiding the kitchen and baths. I have four aprons to make as well. What do you think I'll get to first? Hmmm, I'm feeling sleepy.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Garland Glitter

I had hoped to take a picture of the pretty garland I received from Maria at The Junk Drawer after I had decorated the cupboard where I plan to hang it to give the garland its proper surroundings. However, this weekend was full-up with activity, and Christmas decorating is beginning only now, so before it just goes on too long, here are the little pretties I received last month. A sparkly Noel and a very pretty altered tile. I want to try to make one of those now. It looks like she decorated a piece of vinyl flooring. We'll see if that is what it is if she comments. I'm late for the first time for a swap. It's the postcard swap. I just got too worried over what to do. Now that I have received a couple and have looked at others on the web, I have a better grasp and more reasonable idea, as I need to make eight! That's my project this afternoon.