Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun for Me!

First up, I received an e-mail newsletter today from Mary Engelbreit (the company, not the person), and I was reminded that the cookbook for which one of my recipes was accepted is coming out next month.  I hopped over to Amazon and searched, and found the listing for ME's Fan Fare.  I clicked on the "look inside!" link, chose index, scrolled down to main dishes - chicken, and found my Auntie Lynda's Comfort Chicken Casserole in print!  Blogging is so fun and has brought me so many new friends and opportunities! 

Earlier this month, I received the announcement that another of my patterns made the second OYW book!  Hooray!  The gals sent me the fabric last week to sew up the item, and I just love it.  The fabric is from the Alexander Henry Fashion For Home Collection.  I need to check out the rest of the line.  The fabric itself is a very lush home-dec weight.  So, now I have to complete the instructions so no errata belong to me down the road and sew the item up in the chosen fabric.  I'd really like to make it to Minneapolis for the next book launch.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Since I'll be part of both books, now,  I think I could plan a trip like that.  I've never been to Minnesota, and I believe a little visit to the Mall of the Americas might be in order.  Is that still a cool place?  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Own Prom Princess

Here she is all happy and ready to go!  Just a quick review of some prom photos of our girl and the group of friends who went together.  I must have been too distracted to get photos of her alone in the dress.  The girls' small group leaders from church came to the Old Mill where everyone gathered for photos, and I know there will be great ones of her out of those.  If you're interested enough to scroll through to the end, check out the last shot, one of my favorites, of all the beauties from the back side.    

prom princess

prom gang

prom group

prom beauties

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Days Often Require A High Price!

Just when I'm getting a little rest and beginning to enjoy life at the moment, the next thing arrives!  Right after I finished blogging about successfully tailoring my daughter's prom dress and had two days of no transcription work sheduled ahead of me, my computer crashed.  Lovely.  Because I work all day and all night (seemingly) online, this happens about every 2.5 to 3 years.  I do go through computers!  This time, I have the backup of another computer purchased last year and a backup drive that has all my stuff, but there is still the big switch.  So, that's what I've been doing since Friday night.  So then, no prom photos to share yet. 
However, I am happy that Margaret of Q4 (my nickname for her blog) has posted about a quilt she recently designed for her child's teacher which included a little embroidery from my end.  She sent me the center block of her quilt, and I personalized it for her. 
Margaret is a recent long-arm quilting machine artist and has really been honing her skills.  Every quilt she "quilts" looks better than the last.  Look close at how she scrolled around the embroidery in the center block.  It's such a nice tight scroll.  You'll have to take a look through her blog and then send her one of your quilt tops to long-arm. 

I sent Margaret a quilt top at the holidays that came back lovely.  I'm supposed to be finishing the binding on it for Jacquie's Spring to Finish Challenge.  If all these surprising, mindbending payments for nice days will STOP so I can think, maybe I'll meet that challenge.  Until next time, you can picture me installing all my work and embroidery software onto my backup computer and hoping that a couple of sticks of new memory in my lovely Dell will restore the other one! 

P.S.  I'm posting this without spellcheck, which I don't like to do.  Presentation is everything!