Sunday, November 28, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, a new customer found me while looking for a Bonne Nuit pillow cover.  She then directed me to a catalog link online and asked if I could embroider out a cheers! pillow cover similar to the one shown.  Of course!  Here is my version, however, the design can be done up to match any decor. 

Custom Orders turn out to be some of the best ideas for my shops! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monogrammed Holiday Door Ornaments - Fan Page Info & Giveaway!

This monogrammed holiday door ornament was the most popular calicodaisy handmade holiday item to go out last year. 

In an effort to make good use of my calicodaisy handmade fanpage on FB and reach new readers, I'm offering free shipping for those who "LIKE" the fanpage and then make an order for a monogrammed door hanger by posting the request on the fanpage through November 30, 2010. 

Please consider being a fan and posting on one of your social networks sharing the calicodaisy blog and fanpage with your friends.  Sharing like this really is such a great way to get the word out, and friends telling friends equals a ton more folks than I could ever reach myself. 

To "share the wealth" with you, I'll have a giveaway for one pesonalized door ornament.   In order to be part of the giveaway drawing, please, do the following: 

1.  Be a Fan of the calicodaisy handmade fanpage

2.  Post a blurb to your blog, FB page, or Twitter about the fan page and personalized ornament and copy your post as a new post on the calicodaisy handmade fanpage, so I can see read it, too.   

3.  Comment here on the blog that you did the above, so I can enter your name into the fishbowl.  I'll put your name into the bowl for each post you make above - up to three chances for a blog, FB, and/or Twitter blurb. 

     If you don't blog and/or are unable to comment here, let me know through my e-mail link listed in my profile. 

That effort is worth a chance for one of my pretty monogrammed ornaments, isn't it?  The drawing will be held on December 1, 2010.  Thank you! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Buona Notte

I'm working on a good night, well literally working and working on having one.  You know, I've said before that my best products come from the ideas and suggestions of clients.  I spotted the "bonne nuit" stamped - not embroidered - pillow cover in the Pottery Barn catalog a couple of months ago, and embroidered out my own version of the pillow cover for my shop.  Shortly after, I received a request from a new customer with an Italian flair for a pillow messaging "Buona Notte."  Nice!  So, I created a listing for her without a photo, as the pillow cover was not sewn yet, but a description with photos of other completed pillow projects.  Just hours later, another gal e-mailed me and asked if I would "make a Buona Notte pillow for her like the one described in the current listing."  A custom order just from the description!  Awesome. 

I have been practicing on the big machine in the last week.  Nothing real to show yet.  Trying to get the threading down and keep my fingers intact!  

Bonne Nuit, Buona Notte, Good Night, Sweet Dreams ... back to work.