Friday, September 11, 2015

September Mill Fabric Finds

In August, I traveled to NYC for the first time.  When walking to the Purl Bee in Soho, I looked up and recognized the new WTC towering over the skyline & snapped a photo.  A timely tribute to our country's hope and fortitude on this day when we remember 9/11. 

Nearly once a month for the last few years, I’ve made a day of heading to a fabric mill for the once a month, open to the public, weekend sale.  On those trips, I’ve loaded up on my hard to find, white home decor fabric for pillow covers as well as on LOADS of home decor fabric that aren’t necessarily for my orders … fabric lovers will know what I mean.  The fabrics are chosen for two reasons – 1) I must have this fabric!  2) I could offer the great finds in my shop for other sewists who, like me, must have this fabric! 

My bounty has included lovely fabrics from Schumacher, Tilton and Fenwick, Verrain, Ralph Lauren, and many more designers I hadn’t even head of until researching the fabrics.  The bulk of my finds have been from the Premier Prints Designer Collections.  Swiss cross, chevrons, damasks, Greek key, so many.  This month I picked up what seem to be brand new designs in a new Tribal Collection – Pawnee and Phase.   

For ages I’ve intended to list these fabrics each month but never seemed to find the time.  However, I find myself in a fix at the moment.  My embroidery machine was zapped by lightening last week, and I am sitting on pins and needles – no pun intended – waiting to find out if the machine can be fixed or if I must purchase a new one.  In an effort to stay on the bright side of life, I am focusing on the fact that I still have my original one-needle machine AND there are so many half-started and unfinished ideas that I now have time to tend to at least while the big machine is down. 

Now to the fabrics.  You can check out the atelier section of the shop to see the full gamut of fabrics I do have listed.  The newest fabrics are below.   

Premier Prints Pawnee in Coastal Blue / White  

Premier Prints Phase in Navy / White  

Premier Prints Lipstick Red Zig Zag Chevron

Premier Prints Swiss Cross / Plus Sign in Navy / White 

Premier Prints Houndstooth in Black / White

Link to the shop at calicodaisy handmade.