Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Miscellany

This was a fast month and very full. From traveling to Houston to my craft shows to Thanksgiving, everyday has been full.

I did something last week that I haven't done in over ten years. I went to work! I've been at home working in my own medical transcription business (that's listening to doctors and transcribing the patient notes) since 1998 and also have been developing my sewing and embroidery business the past 4 years. In the summer, for the first time, though this has been expected, one of my accounts went to electronic medical records. Voice recognition and data programs have become so advanced that this is the way things are going in the medical field. I was offered another hospital system to take on, but for the first time in all these years, I thanked the contractor very much and decided to step back. I figured if this is going to keep happening, I need to build and market my sewing/embroidery business and move forward on that end as well as to figure out what other career I might get into, if needed, down the road. You have no idea how hard it was to say "no" to a new account. You just don't do that in business. Anyway, while helping a friend look for a job at the hospital my husband works for, I saw an on-call position for a medical transcriptionist in the radiology department and decided to go for it. Thankfully, they wanted me, too, and so I am plugged into the hospital system again. Being p.r.n. allows me to come and go as my schedule allows and depending on their need for me, so I still have a bit of control over my schedule.

This month brought a couple of new patterns to me.

quilted bib

I found this "The Best Bib" pattern by jcasa on etsy. I thought the quilting in the design made it so pretty and cozy. I used fabrics already washed and dried, as usual for me, so I wasn't sure how puckered up mine would look when finished. However, I tossed the finished bib in the next load of clothes, and it came out as pretty as the pattern picture. I love this design and do think it is "the best bib," too, although, I might made the binding and strings a bit narrower next time.

These coffee sleeves were a big hit. I only have a few left of the first bunch I made for the craft shows. I wanted to have some ready made items available, and I'm so glad I found this pattern and also made the tissue cozies. The coffee sleeve pattern by GiGi is from the You Can Make This site. I love this site as well as SWAK Embroidery. Both are places where at-home designers can put up patterns of their work. If you pick up the coffee sleeve pattern, be sure to follow the instructions on measuring from the top seam. It's the important piece of information that will make your coffee sleeve fit appropriately. Also, have a commercial cup on hand so you can verify the fit before zig-zagging off the last seam. You wouldn't want whoever ends up with the sleeve to be frustrated trying to slip the thing on!
I've pointed out before that I'm not a good thrifter or repurposing girl. I'd like to be, but I just don't have time to seek stuff out at the thrift shops. However, I had time on my hands last week and went into Goodwill looking for some wool sweaters to repurpose for crafts and baby bonnets. I live in South Carolina, so .... nothing here. On the way out of the shop, I spotted a package of t-shirt wipes.
t-shirt wipes
For a dollar, I thought all these will be great to have for home cleaning. I really didn't think about the actual material though until I got home. When opening the bag, I was surprised to see that the wipes were made from already-worn-shirts, all sorts, with a bunch of different designs. Right then I realized how great these would be for crafts, too. It made me think of a number of little crafts and baby items using repurposed or new t-shirt fabric - hats, softies, dolls, little doll clothing, etc. Anyway, check your Goodwill shop and see if you have them at your place.
I received a couple of packages in the mail the other day, and one I expected to be some fabric pieces from Chrissy for more applique work. I didn't even look at the return address, I just opened it up and was then pleasantly confused. See what I found:
flannel pillowcase
Stephanie from Loft Creations sent me one of her cozy flannel pillowcases. It is so well done, and I love the perfect zig-zag stitch around the hem. You'll have to stop by her etsy shop and check out all the ones she has available. For $8.00, what a fast and easy gift to pick up for anyone on your list, and a job well done, too.
Finally, though this might should be at the beginning of my post but I wanted to end with the sentiment, we finished this month with a lovely Thanksgiving Feast and Dinner with friends from church. We were going to have a quiet year this year with no company, but a week before, Robyn called and asked what we were up to this year and then promptly invited us to her home for a Thanksgiving Celebration with other family and friends. We had such a big time and good fellowship. We often spend this holiday with family, but it is GOOD to spend it with friends and enjoy their company and traditions, too.
We are very thankful for the great country that we live in, those who went before us to create and preserve the USA's values, our freedoms of religion and speech, our bountiful supplies of food and goods and the opportunity to share that with others in need, and the security provided by those who choose to work both here and abroad for the good of our country and others.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember The Equation?

You know, You + Me = TERRIFIC! Well, two crafters understood what I was going on about and have wonderful ideas. Both posted their finished products today, and I am going to reveal them here, too.

First, Michelle of greeting arts chose some embroidered fabric panels from me and created a bunch of covered buttons / ponytail holders to sell at her children's school bazaar.

greetingarts and calicodaisy

The covered buttons turned out marvelous. She just looped a covered elastic through the button shank to create the ponytail holder. I love the little kitties.

It's been great working with Michelle because she has little girls and is really "in-the-know" about what is popular for kids right now and has great ideas about what I can do with the new applique designs I've been acquiring. She has a few more of my fabric panels, and I can't wait to see what she does with them.

Through my calicodaisy etsy shop, I met Chrissy of Dottie Stripe Layne and DSL Kids. Chrissy contacted me and asked if I would be interested in providing the appliques and monogramming services for her children's clothing line. It has been such a great opportunity and has stretched my knowledge and techniques of my embroidery machine. She has wonderful ideas, and I am really pleased that she chose to work with me.

DSL Winter Line

Look at how cute these outfits are! I would never have thought of all these ideas myself, especially not having a young one to sew for. Do you see the teapot and cup set? So cute! Just a t-shirt and jeans turned into a boutique, designer outfit.

Here is another set:

DSL Winter Line 2

I have several favorites, but I can't get over how darling the baby is in the red leotard and tutu! It's just great! Chrissy has been sending me fabric panels marked where she wants the applique. When she gets the fabric back, she cuts it out as planned and then just finishes up the outfit.

And, finally:

DSL Winter Line 3

The reindeer again on a darling dress! Chrissy makes matching bows, too. She has had a few shows this month and has a number of outfits to make up, so a box is on the way to me with a bunch of reindeer to sew out for some sweet girls' Christmas outfits!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice Holiday Bazaars!

I have to recant my remark last week about not liking to do the holiday craft bazaars. I had quite a nice time - when you subtract out the setting up and taking down of the tables - at all three events. I met a lot of crafters and customers and had a couple of surprises as well.

Coffe Cup Cozies

My coffee sleeves sold remarkably well along with a number of the tissue cozies. You blog gals out there are right; they are popular again. If you would like one of my fashionable and useful coffee sleeve cozies (other than the one described below), please just contact me. I'm not going to etsy them. I'm selling them for $5 plain, $6 ric-rac, $7 with button and yo-yo, and $10 monogrammed. The tissue cozies went for $6 with the tissue pack included. I can send you a photo of all styles available to choose from should you like.

Habitat For Humanity Fundraising Idea

My daughter's and my little Habitat For Humanity fundraising project has gone well with a number sold to local friends and through etsy, thank you! I am shamelessly showing the coffee sleeve again just in case you really want to buy one at my calicodaisy shop. We have just a few more to sell, and all proceeds go to her trip in December.

Monogrammed Throw

Embroidered plush throws are popular still. I brought a sample of each color I have on hand, and customers chose a favorite and designed an embroidery to personalize and decorate. I haven't listed these in my shop so far, because there has to be so much conversation about what someone wants. If you are in the market for one, I am selling plush throws for $25 including a name and little icon, and then shipping and handling, of course. The above design cost a little more because of the size of the design. Just contact me if you are interested in one, and we can discuss color and embroidery style, etc., through e-mail.

Reindeer applique personalized pillow cover

The baby items are always popular, and my personalized reindeer pillow covers went over well.

Birthday / Age T-shirt

The nice surprises came in the form of other vendors. You know how I am encouraging you sewists out there to use my embroidery services to enhance your projects. Well, that's just what happened at these bazaars. At one show, there was a sewist who makes boutique children's clothing - you know, the little A-line dresses and such and bows, boys' jumpers, etc. I asked if she did her own monogramming. She does not. So, I offered my services, and we have been e-mailing back and forth this week discussing ideas and prices.

At last night's event, two lovely ladies walked in the door and headed straight for me with items - market baskets like these above - in their arms and monogramming instructions all written out! I didn't recognize the ladies, but it turns out we met at the first bazaar of the month, and they inquired about using me as a backup embroiderer. Isn't that great? I get to use my skills for someone else's benefit and products, and I don't have to set up a table again for awhile!
I have my next few weeks cut out for me embroidering and sewing up my orders. I'm so thankful to have been asked to be part of the three bazaars and thankful, too, for those who wanted to purchase my crafts and use my services in the future. It makes all the shopping and stashing and marketing and blogging everything I had hoped it to be.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


At our Publix grocery store, several times a week, an employee is stationed at a little cooking area making a simple meal with all the fixings for taste testing, and then all the ingredients are shelved near by for easy shopping. Sometimes I like the ideas, sometimes not. Today, though, I thought the little meal was excellent, and the dessert was really great, too.

Today's dish was One-Pan Turkey, Veggie, and Gravy Dinner. It tasted so nice, I think, because all the veggies are fresh in the recipe. You use a low-sodium canned gravy but thicken it up with a bit of flour. I loved it. Serve that will some green beans and a side of stuffing and rolls, and you really have an entire, Thanksgiving meal without all the fuss.

The dessert, pictured at the top, is a Turtle Pumpkin Pie, which was awesome. I can't make that for my family, though, because it's a pudding-based pie made with milk - too many lactose intolerant people in my house! Nice and spicy, though, in a graham cracker crust. I think you'll like it, too.

Just follow either of those links above, and you will end up on the same page with the entire recipes ready to print out.

On another recipe note, sometimes less really is more. I like to be Martha and Rachael Ray in the kitchen and really spice up, flavor up, and try new things. However, sometimes that really isn't necessary. Twice we have had roasts thawing in the last couple of weeks, and I just didn't have time to do the whole big thing. Twice now I have done this:
Pork Tenderloin Roast: Mix two packets of dry Lipton Onion Soup Mix with two cups of water. Pour into crockpot. Add roast and make sure you've turned the roast over a couple of times to moisten it up. I add in cracked pepper to spice it up a bit. Our tenderloin comes very long, so I actually cut it in half to cook faster. Turn the temperature on high for an hour and then down to low for the rest of the day. Don't add any extra fat, like butter, as it isn't necessary. That keeps the broth nice, too, and it isn't too greasy or rich to use as a gravy. After it's ready, I just pull the roast out and shred and serve with fluffy rice. You could get some nice rolls and put some BBQ sauce on the side for BBQ sandwiches. I like mine over the rice with soy sauce.
Beef Roast and Potatoes: Same as above. Mix two packets of dry, Lipton Onion Soup Mix with two cups of water. Pour into crockpot. Add roast and make sure you've turned the roast over a couple of times to moisten it up. Wash and quarter some small red potatoes and put those into the pot. Add some black pepper and maybe some garlic powder if you like. Then, just turn on high for an hour and then to low for the rest of the day. Serve over noodles or rice.
For leftovers of the beef roast - actually no roast left for us, just the potatoes and broth: Heat the leftover broth, roast, if any, and potatoes slowly over a low heat. Raise temperature until bubbly. Then add in rice - I used Minute Rice. Add in enough rice appropriate for the liquid available (or make the rice separate and just add in later). Let the rice cook - or take off the heat if it is the minute rice - until done. This makes a nice, thick, yummy stew. That's how I like it anyway. This really stretches out the leftovers very nicely.
I hope these give you some yummy, easy, and nutritious ideas for a quick supper for your family.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Four Needs

Birthday / Age T-shirt

I need to show you these little shirts. Aren't they cute? I know I didn't come up with the idea, but I'm glad I can carry out the design. These are in my shop.

Family Room

I need your advice. Do any of you have a home full of wood paneling? My house has beautiful paneling, real wood, gorgeous, but I just can't figure out how to brighten up the place. I think part of it is the placement of furniture in this long room. If it was a bit longer, I could set up two separate areas, one for sitting and chatting and the other for watching TV. I have purchased a number of fabrics for draperies at the windows around the fireplace. If you look here at this set, you can see more of my upstairs area. The dining room is fine. The kitchen cabinets will be painted eventually. We already have a new counter top, and I'm planning on subway tile around from the sink to the fridge. It's just the family room that I can't pin down, so I haven't done anything. But I need to get on it; we have been here for five years!

I need your help. My kids are great at putting anything they want on their facebooks, but both of them tell me they don't know how to put a button on their pages leading their friends to my esty shop, though they want their friends to see the items I have, well, they say they do. I have the button and link code already done. However, I don't want to figure out facebook, so .... Could someone just tell me -- so I can tell them - how to do it? Thanks.

Habitat For Humanity Fundraising Idea

We still need/hope to sell 17 more of the special coffee sleeves we created to fund Camille's Habitat for Humanity trip coming up. Will you consider purchasing one? They are in the shop, and all the proceeds go directly to the trip expense. We would really appreciate it, and the sleeves are pretty cute. Thanks again!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Habitat For Humanity Fundraiser

My daughter is readying for her second annual Holiday Habitat For Humanity volunteer trip in December. She had such a great experience last year, she couldn't wait for this year's trip to come around again.

We designed a coffee cozy sleeve for commercial/disposable coffee cups with a little house appliqued on it to remind folks of the special project and volunteer trip they are supporting.

If you are interested in supporting her trip, I've listed the coffee sleeve in my calicodaisy etsy shop. The cost is $10.00 for the sleeve - the whole $10.00 going towards the trip - and $2.00 to cover the listing fees and shipping and handling. All the fabric is from my stash. We are hoping to sell just 25 coffee sleeves, and that will cover her entire cost.

We are using this brown with pink polkadot for the girly orders, and I will use a flannel plaid for a more generic look. Please put your choice in the comment section of the etsy form when purchasing.
My local Bruegger's Bagel shop gave me a cup to work with. Before the final seam is reinforced and zig-zagged off, I verify the fit and make sure the sleeve pulls right up to a comfortable level.

Thanks for your support again. I know we received 100% support for her trip from friends and family last year when she went. We didn't want to ask again for donations, though, and it is just too hard for my daughter to work and save for the trip herself while going to school and staying involved in church youth group and mock trial. This is a project we can do together and will always remember. It's simple, to the point, and useful, too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mechandising My Stuff

So, yesterday was the first of three holiday shows I am participating in this season. I may have said before that craft shows are not my favorite thing to do. All the hustle and bustle to get ready and then staying behind the table the whole day not watching people touch my stuff and then not buy. I'm not good at garage sales or having a flea market table, either.

I agreed to participate in two of the three holiday shows only because I was invited by two lovely younger women whom I know through other shows. I thought that, one, it was nice to be invited and they both wanted to make sure I was the only embroiderer and home dec sewist of my type at the events, and, two, I knew it would be good exposure and a marketing opportunity to a new crowd. The third event is at my friend's home, so this one is very cozy and lots of fun. Tiffany decorates her entire house for Christmas with a tree in every room and places the vendors all around. She told me she already has the house ready to go - already - weeks before Thanksgiving! That girl is on top of it. I've got her scheduled to come decorate my house at the end of the month!

11/11/08 craft show

I arrived the night before the first holiday show with all my stuff and wondering, "How can I show this off on a table!" Right then, I got the bright idea to have Michael build me some sort of picket fence panel screens to hang my things from, so maybe next year. Luckily, Tiffany (mentioned above) was setting up her table for the same fair and said she would help. I just sat back and watched. She did a great job for me. The morning of the show, I came with more items and called Tiffany over, and this time Aimee was there, too, and came and worked her magic along with Tiffany, and I think I had one of the prettiest tables at the event. I owe them some treats! My sales were pretty good for a weekday at an elementary school, I met a lot of nice folks, and it was worth all the trouble of going and sitting just to have Tiffany and Aimee merchandise my goods for me. I just sat back and let them sell my items, too. They, along with Kiri - the gal next to me selling Usborne Books - brought all their friends over and showed off my goods and mentioned what items they already had. Next time, I think I'll hire one of them to sit behind my table, and I'll go home and work! When I cleared up at the end of the day, I didn't empty the baskets. I just made about 10 trips back and forth to the van and then just rolled those tablecloths up with the items pinned to them. Saturday, when I go to the next show, I'll just reverse the process and hopefully end up with as lovely a table as I had yesterday.

Craft Sale Items

My quick selling items of the day were these coffee cup cozies and the tissue cozies. I've noticed how many craft bloggers have mentioned these, and they worked for me yesterday - especially the tissue cozies with the elementary school teachers! There was one young, male teacher - a coach - who came whizzing through and then stopped when he saw a cozy in a local university's color. He looked like he thought, "Wow! Here is something for a guy!" He bought it up.

Over the next couple of days, I hope to make some of the wine bottle covers as seen in Quilting Arts Holiday magazine to bring to the show on Saturday. We'll see, though, as I am still recovering from all the prep for yesterday.

Personalized Pillowcase

One last item to show. A customer ordered a personalized pillowcase using specific fabrics. It turned out so pretty! I love the font, too. It is the Tork font in my flickr embroidery font set.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Giveaway Prizes Coming and Going - And Lots of Links!

My Prize from Boutique Nutmeg Designs

(All photos above belong to Meg at Boutique Nutmeg Designs.)

Last month, while I was cruising through my Google Reader catching up on my daily reads, I saw my "calicodaisy" name pop up on Meg's blog at Boutique Nutmeg Designs. It turns out, I won her most fantastic giveaway! I am so pleased. Look at the beautiful cupcake pincushion she put together using a Sandi Henderson Portabello Pixie pattern. It is just gorgeous. Also included in my prize package is the actual pattern, which has two sizes of the cupcake pincushion included, some Ginger Blossom fabrics, matching thread, a wheel of pearl-topped pins, and - have you ever seen one of these before? - a designer cupcake pin topper by Gigi Minor. I just went over to Gigi's etsy shop, and she points out that it is her pins that top the cushion on Sandi Henderson's pattern photo. Now, I have everything I need to be just like Meg, Gigi, and Sandi Henderson. I'm in good company!

You'll have to stop by Meg's pretty blog, Boutique NutMeg Designs. She sews up beautiful bags and accessories using wonderfully colorful fabrics. She just did a craft show, and her booth looks great. I love the keychains. I have had the fittings to make those for months, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. She makes me want to get on top of that one. I think that might be a February project. January is going to have to be for holiday sewing recovery and reorganization; I can already tell. Anyway, back to Meg. Please tell her I sent you, so she knows I am spreading her good talents around my part of the blogosphere!


Now to my promised Houston Quilt Fair Stash giveaway. Thank you all for commenting and listening to me go on and on about my trip. I'm so glad to have had you, because who else could I tell who would actually care?

Anyway, the winner is #12 using the random integer finder, and that is Stephanie from Loft Creations! I don't know how I found Stephanie, but she has become a nice blog friend. We comment on each other's blogs and e-mail back and forth, too. She makes lovely quilts, has good stories to tell, and has a great little etsy shop. Stephanie sews up a lot of fun pillowcases for her shop. It's such a great idea, and she uses such pretty flannels.

Well, I'm a bit overextended. I have to make a casserole for my husband's work his Thanksgiving Dinner luncheon tomorrow, I have a show tomorrow at an elementary school that I set up for tonight already - but, of course, have more to put together, and a show to get ready for on Saturday. I like the excitement of having a show but not the hours sitting there. I'm already thinking about all the hours I'll be away from home and my work and the time it will take to make them all back up - especially on a weekday! That's the nature of this game, though.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Festival Textiles and Friends

With all the big news this week, I have had a left-sided headache for my right-sided self (have compassion on me, please!). With all that along with preparation for the upcoming holiday craft shows I am in this month, I'm afraid I'm beginning to push out the details of the quilt fest already. I'm going to finish all my show and tell today in one post. Be sure to read to the end for the you-know-what.

I dropped a bundle at the show. I tried to be careful, but it was all so tempting. I had promised myself, though, that I would stick to purchasing only items that I couldn't easily find on the internet or at home stores. Thus, the purchase of all the hand-dyed trim I showed yesterday, as she only sells at shows.

I was very happy to find some Japanese prints. I was hoping to see the new Kokka line and all those cute little prints, but they were only at market and had already gone for the festival. I did find one booth full of cuties and spent a good while choosing these few pieces.

I was suprised to make a vintage find, too. In the first row of the show, a gal had a booth full of vintage textiles. All sorts of kitchen linens and curtains.

I wasn't planning to fall for anything right away, as this was the first day, first row of booths, but when I saw this pretty pink, dogwood tablecloth perfect for my kitchen, I knew I had to grab it up. Dogwood trees, especially pink ones, are my favorite. This was the first purchase of the day for me.

Next we found Julie from the Quilter's Barn in Australia. We had a big time talking with her, and she has some beautiful fabrics and patterns.

quilters barn

A number of these fabrics were printed in Japan, but these definitely had the feel of English/American shabby chic-vintage. I spotted these florals pretty quick but was also enchanted by the vintage, American, baseball themed piece.

Back in the spring of this year, I participated in a quilt swap and received this little beauty:

Four Seasons Quilt Swap - From Paula

It was made by Paula from A Latte Quilts. She lives in Houston, and I got to meet her at the festival, too.

We only spent a short time together, but I felt I already knew her from her pretty blog and great descriptions of her family life and quilting passion. She lived up to her blog reputation, and I wish we could have spent more time together.

Okay, I have one final story to tell. As Beth and I strolled up to a corner booth, I spotted the new "Where Women Create" magazine. As I began to reach out and touch it, I looked up, and who did I see but Sandra Evertson and Jenny Doh! I was so surprised to be looking at two ladies who I felt I knew but couldn't place. However, it all quickly came together when I realized that the magazine was a Somerset magazine.

somerset 103008

I started dropping names again; you know, I do that! Anyway, first I mentioned to Beth - "You know those little papier mache clown heads your mom made? The idea comes from Sandra's book." (see below)

Then, I said to Jenny, "You know, this is my friend, Beth, and her mother is ..." Right. (See my previous post for details.) They loved that and got all excited! Poor Beth. She really didn't see all this attention coming her way because of her mom's reputation! Jenny put our picture on her blog, too, here, just scroll to the end of it.
Somerset was having a promotion for the new magazine, so Beth and I each signed up for a subscription and received the tote bag above and some goodies inside, including the first issue of "Where Women Create" and a MaryJane Farms magazine. I always love those, too.
Alrighty, then. That was the bulk of my walk down the Festival Memory Lane. You are good blog friend to have read so far! Now for my little treat to one of you who could not attend. I made a few purchases with a gift for you in mind.
This gift hurts, though. The star is easy to send you because I bought one of each color (as at the top of the post) for me and an extra red for one of you. The trim and Japanese fabric, however..... well, this is a true gift because I really want to keep it all for me! At the last minute, I found this pattern, too. I was surprised to see all the Americana crafts and patterns at the fair. I love it, but lately that hasn't seemed to be what is popular. I think it's coming back, though. Anyway, I'll draw a name Monday morning from those who post a comment here. Be sure to leave an e-mail address if your comment name doesn't create a link, otherwise, I'll go for a second commenter.
I just want to say here how grateful I am for the opportunity to have been part of this blog world over the past year and to have learned so much from everyone. The chance to go to Houston and meet some of you or at least have shared in the same event and same memories has been really exciting. I'm looking forward to another year and seeing what happens next!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Festival Ribbons and Trims

At the festival, all the textiles and trims laid out one after another was such a feast for the eyes. Like the ribbon above, it all appeared to be sweets in a candy shop. Now I get to feel like Emily at Ravenhill showing off the finds she makes at her Oslo flea markets.

zanetti trims

Our first stop today is at Jennifer Zanetti's antique European textiles and hand-dyed ribbon and trim booth. My goodness, her hand-dyed trims are bright and beautiful and soft and muted.

I thought I had a shot of her whole booth, but just a lot of close-ups. You wouldn't believe how lovely and soft that ruffly trim below (center right) is. I couldn't stop running my hands over the ruffles while holding the card of trim. Here's a picture of everything I bought from her:

hand-dyed trims

Here is Helen Gibb's booth. She is from Australia and does beautiful things with silk ribbon.

helen gibb booth

You know, I'm the great name dropper, so I had to point out to Helen that my friend, Beth, who was with me (our picture is in the last post) - that her mother is Lilla of the justlilla blog and is a New Zealand native though lives in Hawaii. Right away, Helen popped out, "I've slept with your mother!" Nice. Turns out, they went on a trip to Australia on a teaching trip together. Beth didn't realize where her mom's name got us, either! Lilla's art has been on the cover and inside of some of the Somerset magazines, so several vendors/artists there were acquainted with her.

Finally, I leave you with these lovely photos of another very colorful trim stall.

trim stall

I can't tell you whose shop this is, because the vendor practically accosted us when Beth was trying to take a picture of me in a pretty corner with all the trims around. She actually said - first thing on Thursday morning, too - "Oh, no you don't!" We were so stunned, I actually flushed and felt ill, like I had been shoplifting! What do you think she was afraid of? It was TRIM! I can't manufacture it at home, there is nothing to copy, and it's not like we haven't seen ric-rac laid out so nicely before. So, I already had about five photos of the booth already and thought, "Oh, yes, I will!" and have posted it to share with you, too. Too bad she didn't talk nice to us, because I would have put her name and site here, too.

Above: Some pretty Texas Star ornaments that I couldn't resist.
That was the worst moment, though, and took a bit to get over. Otherwise, the festival was completley marvelous and well run. You really should think of planning a trip for yourself to attend. It might seem to be a hard decision to just decide to buy a plane ticket, make hotel arrangements, and leave the family behind to attend a quilt and fabric festival, but you will so appreciate yourself for doing so. Everyone is lovely and excited, and it is so good to see so many of our favorite things all bunched together row after row after row!
I have two more postings of the festival planned to show you, one of my fabric finds and one of the friends we met. After all that, if you have read to the end of the posts, you'll find I have a festival stash gift planned. Part of my purchases were intended as a treat for someone who couldn't attend the fest. Don't broadcast the news, though. Let's just keep it among us, so I know the reader's name that I pull enjoys the same things I do.