Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember The Equation?

You know, You + Me = TERRIFIC! Well, two crafters understood what I was going on about and have wonderful ideas. Both posted their finished products today, and I am going to reveal them here, too.

First, Michelle of greeting arts chose some embroidered fabric panels from me and created a bunch of covered buttons / ponytail holders to sell at her children's school bazaar.

greetingarts and calicodaisy

The covered buttons turned out marvelous. She just looped a covered elastic through the button shank to create the ponytail holder. I love the little kitties.

It's been great working with Michelle because she has little girls and is really "in-the-know" about what is popular for kids right now and has great ideas about what I can do with the new applique designs I've been acquiring. She has a few more of my fabric panels, and I can't wait to see what she does with them.

Through my calicodaisy etsy shop, I met Chrissy of Dottie Stripe Layne and DSL Kids. Chrissy contacted me and asked if I would be interested in providing the appliques and monogramming services for her children's clothing line. It has been such a great opportunity and has stretched my knowledge and techniques of my embroidery machine. She has wonderful ideas, and I am really pleased that she chose to work with me.

DSL Winter Line

Look at how cute these outfits are! I would never have thought of all these ideas myself, especially not having a young one to sew for. Do you see the teapot and cup set? So cute! Just a t-shirt and jeans turned into a boutique, designer outfit.

Here is another set:

DSL Winter Line 2

I have several favorites, but I can't get over how darling the baby is in the red leotard and tutu! It's just great! Chrissy has been sending me fabric panels marked where she wants the applique. When she gets the fabric back, she cuts it out as planned and then just finishes up the outfit.

And, finally:

DSL Winter Line 3

The reindeer again on a darling dress! Chrissy makes matching bows, too. She has had a few shows this month and has a number of outfits to make up, so a box is on the way to me with a bunch of reindeer to sew out for some sweet girls' Christmas outfits!


Chrissy said...

Thanks so much!!! It has been a pleasure working with you too:)

Paula said...

Congrats! You've got some great relationships there. You've met some really creative women. Glad things are going well for you.

Jodie said...

What a fantastic and diverse range of things you have been working on. You were so lucky to get to work with such great people and they, in turn are lucky to work with you - your work is awesome!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks wonderful! Ya'll are doing great things together!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh wow, incredibly cute stuff!!