Monday, November 10, 2008

Giveaway Prizes Coming and Going - And Lots of Links!

My Prize from Boutique Nutmeg Designs

(All photos above belong to Meg at Boutique Nutmeg Designs.)

Last month, while I was cruising through my Google Reader catching up on my daily reads, I saw my "calicodaisy" name pop up on Meg's blog at Boutique Nutmeg Designs. It turns out, I won her most fantastic giveaway! I am so pleased. Look at the beautiful cupcake pincushion she put together using a Sandi Henderson Portabello Pixie pattern. It is just gorgeous. Also included in my prize package is the actual pattern, which has two sizes of the cupcake pincushion included, some Ginger Blossom fabrics, matching thread, a wheel of pearl-topped pins, and - have you ever seen one of these before? - a designer cupcake pin topper by Gigi Minor. I just went over to Gigi's etsy shop, and she points out that it is her pins that top the cushion on Sandi Henderson's pattern photo. Now, I have everything I need to be just like Meg, Gigi, and Sandi Henderson. I'm in good company!

You'll have to stop by Meg's pretty blog, Boutique NutMeg Designs. She sews up beautiful bags and accessories using wonderfully colorful fabrics. She just did a craft show, and her booth looks great. I love the keychains. I have had the fittings to make those for months, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. She makes me want to get on top of that one. I think that might be a February project. January is going to have to be for holiday sewing recovery and reorganization; I can already tell. Anyway, back to Meg. Please tell her I sent you, so she knows I am spreading her good talents around my part of the blogosphere!


Now to my promised Houston Quilt Fair Stash giveaway. Thank you all for commenting and listening to me go on and on about my trip. I'm so glad to have had you, because who else could I tell who would actually care?

Anyway, the winner is #12 using the random integer finder, and that is Stephanie from Loft Creations! I don't know how I found Stephanie, but she has become a nice blog friend. We comment on each other's blogs and e-mail back and forth, too. She makes lovely quilts, has good stories to tell, and has a great little etsy shop. Stephanie sews up a lot of fun pillowcases for her shop. It's such a great idea, and she uses such pretty flannels.

Well, I'm a bit overextended. I have to make a casserole for my husband's work his Thanksgiving Dinner luncheon tomorrow, I have a show tomorrow at an elementary school that I set up for tonight already - but, of course, have more to put together, and a show to get ready for on Saturday. I like the excitement of having a show but not the hours sitting there. I'm already thinking about all the hours I'll be away from home and my work and the time it will take to make them all back up - especially on a weekday! That's the nature of this game, though.


The Blonde Duck said...

They're doing Thanksgiving early over there! Looks like you're busy busy!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Thank You Michele!!! I had to laugh at January being your holiday recovery month. I'll be needing that too. Sewing room is a complete disaster.

jacquie said...

congrats to you and stephanie. so glad you had a great trip.