Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Miscellany

This was a fast month and very full. From traveling to Houston to my craft shows to Thanksgiving, everyday has been full.

I did something last week that I haven't done in over ten years. I went to work! I've been at home working in my own medical transcription business (that's listening to doctors and transcribing the patient notes) since 1998 and also have been developing my sewing and embroidery business the past 4 years. In the summer, for the first time, though this has been expected, one of my accounts went to electronic medical records. Voice recognition and data programs have become so advanced that this is the way things are going in the medical field. I was offered another hospital system to take on, but for the first time in all these years, I thanked the contractor very much and decided to step back. I figured if this is going to keep happening, I need to build and market my sewing/embroidery business and move forward on that end as well as to figure out what other career I might get into, if needed, down the road. You have no idea how hard it was to say "no" to a new account. You just don't do that in business. Anyway, while helping a friend look for a job at the hospital my husband works for, I saw an on-call position for a medical transcriptionist in the radiology department and decided to go for it. Thankfully, they wanted me, too, and so I am plugged into the hospital system again. Being p.r.n. allows me to come and go as my schedule allows and depending on their need for me, so I still have a bit of control over my schedule.

This month brought a couple of new patterns to me.

quilted bib

I found this "The Best Bib" pattern by jcasa on etsy. I thought the quilting in the design made it so pretty and cozy. I used fabrics already washed and dried, as usual for me, so I wasn't sure how puckered up mine would look when finished. However, I tossed the finished bib in the next load of clothes, and it came out as pretty as the pattern picture. I love this design and do think it is "the best bib," too, although, I might made the binding and strings a bit narrower next time.

These coffee sleeves were a big hit. I only have a few left of the first bunch I made for the craft shows. I wanted to have some ready made items available, and I'm so glad I found this pattern and also made the tissue cozies. The coffee sleeve pattern by GiGi is from the You Can Make This site. I love this site as well as SWAK Embroidery. Both are places where at-home designers can put up patterns of their work. If you pick up the coffee sleeve pattern, be sure to follow the instructions on measuring from the top seam. It's the important piece of information that will make your coffee sleeve fit appropriately. Also, have a commercial cup on hand so you can verify the fit before zig-zagging off the last seam. You wouldn't want whoever ends up with the sleeve to be frustrated trying to slip the thing on!
I've pointed out before that I'm not a good thrifter or repurposing girl. I'd like to be, but I just don't have time to seek stuff out at the thrift shops. However, I had time on my hands last week and went into Goodwill looking for some wool sweaters to repurpose for crafts and baby bonnets. I live in South Carolina, so .... nothing here. On the way out of the shop, I spotted a package of t-shirt wipes.
t-shirt wipes
For a dollar, I thought all these will be great to have for home cleaning. I really didn't think about the actual material though until I got home. When opening the bag, I was surprised to see that the wipes were made from already-worn-shirts, all sorts, with a bunch of different designs. Right then I realized how great these would be for crafts, too. It made me think of a number of little crafts and baby items using repurposed or new t-shirt fabric - hats, softies, dolls, little doll clothing, etc. Anyway, check your Goodwill shop and see if you have them at your place.
I received a couple of packages in the mail the other day, and one I expected to be some fabric pieces from Chrissy for more applique work. I didn't even look at the return address, I just opened it up and was then pleasantly confused. See what I found:
flannel pillowcase
Stephanie from Loft Creations sent me one of her cozy flannel pillowcases. It is so well done, and I love the perfect zig-zag stitch around the hem. You'll have to stop by her etsy shop and check out all the ones she has available. For $8.00, what a fast and easy gift to pick up for anyone on your list, and a job well done, too.
Finally, though this might should be at the beginning of my post but I wanted to end with the sentiment, we finished this month with a lovely Thanksgiving Feast and Dinner with friends from church. We were going to have a quiet year this year with no company, but a week before, Robyn called and asked what we were up to this year and then promptly invited us to her home for a Thanksgiving Celebration with other family and friends. We had such a big time and good fellowship. We often spend this holiday with family, but it is GOOD to spend it with friends and enjoy their company and traditions, too.
We are very thankful for the great country that we live in, those who went before us to create and preserve the USA's values, our freedoms of religion and speech, our bountiful supplies of food and goods and the opportunity to share that with others in need, and the security provided by those who choose to work both here and abroad for the good of our country and others.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Cute bib! So glad you coffee sleeves are doing well. glad you love your pillowcase. I appreciate you linking to my etsy.

The Blonde Duck said...

That's a really cool thing you're doing. I'm glad to hear all buisness is well with you!

Just Me said...

oh wow....I have never ever seen those at Goodwill! I love taking old things and prettying them up, so great idea!!

Glad your thanksgiving was nice...enjoy your day!