Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Bottoms

Spring is bringing the stork around again!  Not to leave a little bundle at my house, of course; just to carry some sweet little orders away. 
These little personalized bloomers are wending their way to Idaho.  Baby Violet!  What a pretty name to pick and have splashed across a sweet bum. 
I've also rediscovered my Roundabout Burp & Bib pattern.  Isn't it crazy how we just go from new idea to new idea and forget about the one that was so highly important just a few months ago?  I had such a surprise when I sold a pattern last week; I actually had to think for a minute where I had stored the PDF file!  And, then, another sold this afternoon.  Wouldn't you like one, too? 
Roundabout Burp and Bib
Well, obviously, with the baby bloomers order in process, I had to cut out a Roundabout to include in the package for some new exposure.  This one is quite eclectic in pink mushrooms and whimsical owls.  Fun, though, to mix it up like this. 


greetingarts said...

Love those owls!

The Blonde Duck said...

How cute!!!

Ravenhill said...

the little bottoms are adorable!!!

Still hoping you will be sweet and send me your address? Have you been busy these days? Hope all is wonderful!
♥ Emily

Lina Thomlinson said...

I bought that same owl fabric. But it's all for me. I'm not sharing with anyone! Love the way you used it, though! It works perfectly.