Monday, September 13, 2010

In With Prim

The other day I received a lovely convo from Donna of Folk Art by Donna who let me know she included my Prim Pumpkin Pile Pillow in her Prim and Proper Halloween Treasury set.  I am so pleased!  You'll have to go by her place and the treasury to check out wonderful Prim Art. 

Right now, everything is about sending my son off to Germany for his junior year!  I haven't really faced it much until RIGHT NOW.  I am so happy for him, but this will be the first time he is away for a lllooonnnggg time, and so far away!  We'll miss his 21st birthday and Christmas, but he will come home on his February break and then go back again.  We hope to travel as a family to visit him in June, but that will be quite a savings project! 

To my Bee Friends:  If you're still checking in with me ... A bee sewing day is coming up.  After sending my son off to Germany this week and now that the summer is over, everything will settle back into place, including my sewing time. 

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Finding Pam said...

Itis nice to see a post from you. I hope your son enjoys his time in Germany. When I was 18, I spent the summer in Berlin. My sister and her husband were stationed there. It was a wonderful experience. No bugs! Everyone closed their shop when the weather was good and went to the park.

So much history and the castles are amazing.