Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ice Storm Cometh - Soup's On!

Well, the current news is that it will be icing and snowing after midnight tonight.  That just shouldn't happen here in South Carolina, at least in my part.  It totally cramps my schedule!  Plus, I work this evening and will be driving home late and hope it holds off.  However, we must be prepared.  The grocery store was half empty last night, and I decided to stop in this morning to pick up some items for soup and salad, and Publix was packed!  My daughter cooked up a Publix recipe for Pasta Fagioli a week or so ago, and it is so yummy.  As I was picking up the ingredients to make it today, I decided adding meatballs would make it even better.  Recipe below. 

So, New Year, New Quilt Bee at One Block Over.  I have the January block again, but my excitement of planning the block and sending out the packages to everyone is completely dimmed by the fact that I have two blocks left to complete for 2010.  My shame hangs heavy on me, and I would have traded out January to someone else but didn't want to mess up the planned order.  The photo at the top of the post is the October 2010 block I completed last week.  Those fabrics are lovely together. 

Drats!  I just checked the OBO site to grab the link, and wouldn't you know, Linda has already sewn my block (please go to OBO and see).  It is just gorgeous!  I collected the Meadowsweet fabric set last year, and it has sat nicely washed, ironed, folded, and stacked waiting for me to get on with something.  The bee is the perfect way to use all the designs well and get the job done.  My favorite block from last year was a patchy log cabin, and I chose that style for mine this month.  This has the potential to be a truly gorgeous quilt.  Based on my history, though, I should probably hire out the sashing and quilting so it gets done in a timely fashion. 
So, what's for Sunday dinner at your place?  If you have no idea but want something warm, cozy, and very quick to put together, check out the recipe for the Pasta Fagioli at this link.  My tinkering included: 

1.  Pasta on the side for the wheat-free people here to choose whether they want it or not.  I like "stoup," as Rachael Ray would say, so my bowl will be loaded appropriately. 

2.  Bag of small meatballs -- because I love them so.  

3.  No sundried tomato pesto at the store, so I used sundried tomato spread found right next to all the pasta sauce jars at the grocery.  

4.  I drain the canned beans.    

Well, stay warm and safe.  Pray with me that Jack Frost stays away, if not completely, at least until I'm back safe and cozy at home.  Oh, yes, and a note to the electric company:  Please put a blanket over the transformer that powers my older neighborhood and send a warm blast through all our above-ground power lines.  We really need the electricity to stay ON during the storm. 


Finding Pam said...

I love the quilt blocks you have done. The colors are beautiful.

Your soup looks great as well. I love soup and for the weather related forecast I made home made vegetable beef soup.

I hope the weather holds off so you can get home from work. Be careful tonight.

Abby and Stephanie said...

I'm not a fan of winter but I'd rather have snow. Ice is vicious. Enjoy your soup and stay warm.

That is a really pretty block.

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds delicious! I want to get a quilt made one day, using some old shirts that I've been saving.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you're getting some relief from the ice and snow!