Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pinning and Making

Oh, I'm loving my daily dose of Pinterest. My own little customized virtual magazine bringing me lovely photos and new ideas of my favorite pastimes.  It helps on the homefront, too.  In our endeavors to revamp the family room, I can show my husband what I'm talking about rather than trying to just explain it to him again. 

On the other hand, all that pinning and no action becomes just another bunch of great ideas piled one on top of the other, and last week's brilliant find gets pushed out of the memory to let in the new one. 

However, every so often something pins across my eyes, and I must get on with the making.   So, with a new personal challenge pin board to remember and share a recent "brilliant find" and to prove that it does work and/or actually tastes good, I begin. 

In the pie-love department, my first entry is Banana Pudding Pie as spelled out by the blog Lick The Bowl Good.  Despite there not being one iota of chocolate involved, this tastes like a dream!  Homemade vanilla pudding - so, so easy - made yesterday, and the pie assembled today.  Due to my lactose-intolerant, wheat-intolerant family, no one here other than me may fully partake, though my husband did suffer a few bites.  Thus, I saved out a couple of pieces and brought the rest to a friend.  Ah, well, I have the photos to remember and one more piece of pie to enjoy before bed tonight! 

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