Thursday, May 5, 2016


Not sure I can express how difficult it is to create for oneself when designing and creating everyday for others!  The cobblers children have no shoes ...   

This One Room Challenge to redo my office seemed reasonable when signing up, as I had been thinking on this change for so long and had so many details lined up ... I thought!  I've been working so hard over the last eight years in my outside job and building my sewing / embroidery business and helping my kids get through college that I've lost a lot of skills I had long, long ago when I knew how to make a pretty home.  I really feel at a loss putting just this room together.  The thought of making these decisions room by room in the rest of the house is quite overwhelming if I think on it long.  It's one thing to have a Pinterest board full of great ideas and quite another to execute them!  

I find it has been easier to be a small part of other ORC participants' rooms.  This year, Kimber is back for our handmade embroidered towels.  The first I ever heard of ORC was when Kimber ordered monogrammed panels for her tropical glam master bedroom redo in 2013.  

Last year, Andrea ordered jumbo monogrammed shams for her lovely Palm Beach Regency Nursery.  One idea turned into the next, and we ended up with monogrammed crib sheets as well as monogrammed shower curtain and hand towels for the bath.  (Once was enough, though.  I broke up with shower curtains shortly after; way too big for my comfort!)  

In both instances, seeing my work in those beautiful rooms is amazing.  I'm used to my items right up under my nose and only see them in micro version on my worktable.  That is why I adore receiving photos of CDH items in their new homes.  I feel like my pieces are bits of jewelry that help finish off all the big decisions everywhere else in a room.   

Back to my studio office:  

Today, Lillian worked on filling and staging my bookshelves.  The idea of photo shoots near the window came to me last week, so we are working on making the shelves in the camera view as pleasing as possible.  My niece blogged about her Guest Room Makeover earlier in the year, and I am attempting to be as chic as she is but not sure it is possible!  

The matchstick bamboo blinds went up, and I don't like them! Ha!  Another week of failed decisions, sort of.  I guess I should say that I can eliminate initial choices and now try new ones.  I think I might try roller shades next.  Working on the monogrammed valances this weekend.    

We started to put up the pendant lights and shades, and then I got nervous about what to do with the cords.  I think I've decided on this cord cover over flexible tube solution.  I am hoping a creamy white linen for the cover will blend in best.   

Well, my to do list is below.  I hope I'm on time next week for the Big Reveal.  Even if I don't get the entire list complete, just getting this far has been a major success.  Wish me luck!  


1.  Paint the walls

2.  Create a SECOND portable backdrop wall with the beadboard.  First one failed. Leaving it plain right now and getting used to the new look.  

3.  Bamboo window blinds

4.  Monogrammed valences. 

5.  Stage white cabinets. Working on staging the open shelves this week.  

6.  Slip cover for bench

7.  Skirts for bamboo chairs. 

8.  Decorative rug. 

9.  Lighting. 

10.  Artwork and accessories.  Still work in progress.  Bookshelves filled.  

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Decor To Adore said...

I adore the sneak peeks and I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at