Wednesday, June 1, 2016

calicodaisy: A Full-Time Adventure

I haven’t mentioned yet that calicodaisy transitioned into a full-time studio in February! My lovely transcription career finally came to a close, and the plan of calicodaisy handmade becoming my #1 focus became a reality.   

Now that I’m settling into this big change, the next goal to fulfill is purchasing an industrial embroidery machine and new software.  Larger hoops, larger monograms, more intricate designs, and full-time production require hardier machinery that will also speed up the process.  

In an effort to raise capital quickly but not overwhelm the production calendar with too many orders at one time and to stay as fiscally responsible as possible, the CDH Gift Certificate Capital Campaign is launched!  June 1st has long been my go-date as we are six months out from the holidays, and there is a nicely discounted Holiday 2016 gift certificate edition with a shop date of 12/01/2016.  

The CDH gift certificates are offered at discounted rates based on future order dates.  This will keep upcoming GC orders staggered out nicely and offers you the opportunity for a greater discount in exchange for your wait time.  This cushion of time built in between your gift certificate purchase now and the future date of the actual order date allows me the opportunity to fund my plans now and have time to learn the new equipment and software all while moving along with current productivity and keeping up with increased sales.   

For the full story, please click The Building Fund tab at the top of the blog.  You’ll find all the details there along with a number of options to fit your needs.  

If you are a fan of giving GCs as gifts to coworkers and friends, the Holiday 2016 edition at 25% off with a shop date of 12/01/2016 will be a great option.

This is an exciting time for me and I’m so anxious to get hold of a machine with the largest of hoops and speedier production time.  Your participation in the CDH GC sale is an investment in me, and I very much appreciate your support and confidence in my work.