Friday, October 7, 2016


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The Fall 2016 One Room Challenge began this week.  I’m going in again!  

Six months have passed since the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge and my Studio Office Makeover.  Every time I walk into my office, I am so happy to work here and so in love with the increased visual quality of my photographs.  The pearly gray walls and bright white trim make everything pop beautifully!  The best unexpected surprise is the well arranged bookshelves became a beautiful backdrop for my photos.  Who knew?  I thought it would be the “great white wall,” which actually is the one area that doesn’t work for me, so, work in progress …   

With such great results, I immediately set to planning my next ORC room - the upstairs guest room.  I’ve been collecting ideas along the way, and now it is go time.  Let me tell you about my space.  

The guest room is a nice size and was updated when my son left for college back in 2008.  Freshly painted Jekyll Island yellow, it worked well as a combo upstairs office and guest room.  The verdigris iron bed was my grandmother’s, and the ivy green and yellow walls made a sunny and pretty room.  Times change, though!  Now that I need a staged room for shooting photos of my handmade linens, the yellow walls and green bed make me crazy!  With just one window in the room, the lighting doesn’t work and the whole room glows yellow, in all the wrong places.  


The Changing Room - A guest room furnished with solid basics ready for full accessory and bedding changes as needed for product staging.  Three color schemes are planned.  Gray / Butter Yellow, Navy / White, Blush Pink / Gray.  

The Fixtures:  
* Agreeable Gray on the walls.  (This is already complete, and I might really, really wish I went with white.  TBD based on my husband’s tolerance of repainting only two weeks later.)   
* Spray paint the iron bed.  
* New ceiling fan and lighting.  (MUST have a ceiling fan in every room; need constant air movement!)
* Matching side tables.  
* Carved wood panels above the bed.   
* Area rug.  

The Changeables:  
* Bed linens.  A combination of using what I already have, purchasing some beauties I’ve spotted through my clients when creating for them, and sewing a custom monogrammed duvet cover (because I’ve turned down so many requests that I’ve decided it is time to get on with making this happen).  
*  Curtains /  Window Treatments.  I’ve been hoarding yards of beautiful, butter yellow jacquard for two years in anticipation of making full length curtains.  Swap outs will be some sort of valance for the other color schemes and maybe a cornice board if I can swing it.  Window blinds.    
* Lamps. A couple of sets to swap out as needed.  
*  Artwork.  
*  Slip covers for thrifted chair.   
*  Accessories, throw pillows, and blankets.  

That’s the plan!  I’ve done it once with loads of help from my assistant, Lillian, and I am hoping we can pull it off a second time.  Please come around on Thursdays to see my progress, and plan to take some time out over the next few weeks to visit the One Room Challenge site and see the progress of the sponsored participants and the linked-in participants (like me!) who are doing their best to beautify the world one room at a time!