Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Getting Started

I've become intrigued with the craft and sewing blogs! I had to have one. Maybe something I create can be an inspiration to another person. It's amazing to see these crafters and artists from around the globe post their thoughts, inspiration, work, and pictures. I am afraid I have become easily addicted to reading the sites and then following foward to their favorite blog sites. Their need to create and discuss matches mine. It's a great distraction from my computer work. Thankfully, I work at home in my own small business, so I answer only to myself and my daily quota. My children are laughing at me. I've been so bothered by their my space and face book activities, and now I may have my own time spender! Well, we will see where this takes me. I think at first I may just play around and figure out how to use this and then start to show off my work and interests a bit. It might be a good way to journal for me, if anything.

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Unknown said...

Yes, it certainly is inspiring to see all the lovely and creative things you make! What a range you have! Thank you for sharing!!!