Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picture posting and arranging the blog page

Today, I will try to post a picture. This is one of some travel size pillows friends have ordered from me for kids' gifts. Some I cover completely, some I just make a regular pillow case for. Nothing exactly comes out the same, but that would be too hard to keep up with for me. I seem to have to invent the wheel AGAIN each time I make a product.

I am probably going to have to put my kids on the job of figuring out how to make a title bar at the top of the page and other arrangements. I might actually e-mail another craft blogger whose site is from this same system and ask her for help. I don't have the time to read too many instructions - it makes my head and neck hurt - and if someone else already knows how, why not just ask! We'll see. Wow, I just looked at the icons at the top of this posting area, and hit the button for "add an image," et voila. That was easy.

Done for this session now, anyway. Back to work.

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justfancypants said...

Hi Mish, love the blog!!!! Looking forward to more, love a.l.