Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Giveaway Info and Photography Question

Emily at Ravenhill has a great little giveaway going on. You'll have to stop by her blog to see what she has included -- Norwegian fabrics and notions, as pictured above (photo belongs to Emily). My desire for some of her fabric picks is as great as my desire for some Liberty of London fabrics. Good thing my son doesn't have London or any part of England on his travel schedule, as I would have him fabric shopping for me!

Speaking of my son, he is having such a fantastic time in Germany already. After the drama of his travel experience, he sounds so relaxed and in love with the area he is staying in. One thing he said was, "It's crazy that there are just random castles lying around off the side of the road." It's hard to imagine. Before he left, I was determined to make him something for his trip. If he was a girl, totebags, purse, cosmetic pouch -- the choices are endless. What to do for him, though? Shoe bags, monogrammed shoe bags! So, I made them before doing anything else the night before he left me. It was like nesting. I also gave him a little zip top power pouch, nicely padded, to store his electronics in and all the little cords and plugs required. That way they could stay corralled in one place.

In the last couple of weeks, I signed up for three etsy showcases. I paid for the spots and did get a lot of hits on my shop. One sale I made during the Ultimate Wedding Showcase was for a monogrammed plush throw. It looks so beautiful in person, but you can't tell by the photos. I wonder if you have any advice for me? I have an SLR digital camera. When I take photos not in direct light or in natural light, I get this yellow glow. I've got the setting on Auto with the flash up. I stand a little bit away from the item and then use the close-up feature. The camera has a 12x zoom feature and goes up to 10 mega pixels. If I'm in natural light with sun just past my porch, no problem. It's the inside shots and shady outside ones that seem to be yellowed. Thanks for any advice.


~Michelle~ said...

*sigh* I love that monogrammed throw - relatively simple, but I'm sure the couple loved receiving that as a gift!

The Blonde Duck said...

That throw is pretty!

kristie said...

i really like the shoe bags! you should market them for father's day!

as for photography - i have no answers for you save for i ONLY take pics outside. as for editing, i use picassa. it does have a lightening feature to brighten too dark photos.

Diann said...

The throw is beautiful. Love the shoe bags.By the way..did you get a cell plan for talking to your son in Germany? My daughter spent last semester in Scotland..we got the best International plan that AT&T had...I'm not going to be caught up on the bill for a long time!

Jan Pope said...

It's the white balance in the camera. Outside is always good because sunlight is full spectrum. You have a couple of options: Shoot your item where there is a window and sufficient natural light; shoot outside - always good, get a full spectrum bulb for something like a desklamp and use it for your shots and lastly - you can fix this in photoshop - there's are tons of tutorials available on white balance and photoshop, just do a google search.

Unknown said...

fabulous monograms!!!

You have sent quite a number of people my way! Thanks and hugs to you Michele for your help letting people know about my give away! That was very sweet of you!

I have tagged you! Please visit my blog to learn more and play along!
~Emily xx

Paula said...

Our son and his family live in Germany (he is in the service and his wife is German). Ryan just absolutely loves it over there and they plan on staying once his service is up. We cannot wait to go visit. I'm sure your son is having an incredible time.
That towel is gorgeous! I've been having trouble with my picture taking lately too. No advice to offer. Good luck!

Wendy said...

you are the winner of my Amy Butler fabric giveaway! Hooray! Please send me an e-mail with an address and I'll get it in the mail.

and I'm having a little chuckle here that I'm giving away fabric because of an inaccurate picture on the etsy listing as you are trying to get an accurate picture for your etsy listing! The monogramming on the throw is beautiful, by the way!

Nanette Merrill said...

Isn't that fabric so to die for. I love her stuff. Thanks for your email. I'm slow to catch up lately. Will get back to you.