Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stripping -- Late To The Game!

To keep up with the fun quilting crowd, I made my first attempt at strip quilting.  Stephanie put out a challenge a good while ago to use up stash by strip quilting and to show off what one has accomplished.  Without formally entering the challenge, the strip quilt block has been on my mind.  I put together a stack of lovely blue, brown, and green florals to create some charm packs for my shop and wanted to sew up something to show off the fabrics together for presentation.  This project accomplishes two projects at once.  This pillow cover was the perfect chance to sew up a "quilt" without trying to manage a full quilt and not finishing! 
Though I still don't have my indoor lighting figured out, here is a closeup of the quilted pillow cover and the fabrics all together.  I wasn't sure how to quilt the piece, so I went with a machine straight line.  Maybe a stipple would have been better; definitely some handquilting around the diamond would have looked great.  Also, I didn't notice when auditioning the blocks around that the green and brown floral sort of clumped together and looks like I made a design error.  Oh, well, I'll get used to it.  The pillow will look great as an accent on the bed in our room. 

butterfly garden set

I'll have the 40-piece charm packs and/or fat quarter stacks together soon, if you're interested.  The butterfly garden set (above) is in my shop now.  All fabrics have been washed, dried, and ironed before cutting, so no shrinking or color bleeding to worry about. 


Chris Worthy said...

Beautiful! I love the colors.

Ravenhill said...

Oh, how incredibly gorgous!!! I love it Michele!!!
~hugs from Emily xoxo

GardenOfDaisies said...

It'; a loveluy pillow! I didn't enter the challenge directly either, but saw some of the posts and want to make something from scrap strips too. I Just love the way the strip blocks look when they are put together.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I obviously need to check my spelling before I post!

It's a lovely pillow!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today. I am fairly new to blogging, so when you mentioned this in your note, I was confused. Have I set something up wrong? I don't know what this means. Your help is appreciated.

"You have a "no-reply" for your commenting, so I decided to come by your blog and leave a note."

Jodi Nelson said...


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

LOVE that Pillow!