Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fresh Eyes - Fresh Design

A new client dropped by calicodaisy requesting an initial monogrammed pillow cover.  When she sent a photo of her nursery decor so I could match colors, I was happy to tell her that I actually had the coordinating colorway of the same fabric.  What a shrewd pre-shopper am I!  After she looked through my gallery of products past, she came up with the wonderful idea of combining the birdcage embroidery with her daughter's name and the coordinating home dec fabric as the piping.  It is so nice to get a fresh look at my own designs through another's eyes.  I'm so bombarded by new fabrics and embroidery designs and projects, that once one idea is accomplished, I've moved on to the next forgetting about what's in the files.  Thanks to yet another client's awesome idea, The Birdcage with Name design, there's a fresh new idea on the books.