Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late Night Charms

Progress is slow, but I have surprised myself with a few very cleaned-out rooms in the apartment / studio.  I have been able to deal with each item rather than just packing it away.  You know, keep, give, trash.  The shame of it is it really doesn't take too long when one just decides to do the job. 

The gal who manages a dress shop nearby told me she has a degree in Interior Design and bemoaned the fact she was managing a dress shop.  Immediately, I invited her to use the apartment as a canvas if she likes to show off.  Hope she takes me up on it; I really need new ideas.  (If you are reading this, K, I really mean it!  Anytime.)   

Meanwhile, while winding down after hours of my other computer work, I am washing, ironing, and folding fabrics and also breaking some down into the destash and charm packs.  See my new Manly Set at the top?  There are two of those in the The Handmade Fair shop.  I keep thinking it would be great if I could make a guy quilt with the charms to show off how great the charms come together, but I can't.  I have to depend on sewists reading the blogs who show off modern quilts and then those same sewists running around the internet looking for boy and manly fabrics.  Please pass on the link to any interested parties you may know.  That would be so nice.  

Okay, off to dry the hair and get ready for work away from home today.  I'm technically "off" the next four days, so we'll see if I use my time wisely on the homefront along with the high school graduation festivities. 


Unknown said...

aCongratulations on destashing! I wish you success! ! ! Those "boy" charms are very cute....oh no, I meant to say very


Carolyn said...

Congratulations!!! Cute charms!

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