Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Long Time From Start To Finish

My very first, completely finished quilt.  In my mind, the start of this quilt seems like it was just a couple years ago or so.  However, based on my post dating when I had this quilted on the longarm in November 2009 and then further looking into my older photos, turns out this little gem is four years old!  Talk about time flying by.  As it turns out, this was promised to my girl at that time, so along with the crocheted chevron afghan, she has the best of me right now ... finished items.  Anyway, it is so marvelous to have a finished item.  After the photo session, I washed the quilt, and now it is so yummy and scrunchy, as all blogging quilters say.  So true!  You'll have to check out the backside of the quilt below.  Back before piecing the back was popular to local sewers around here, my longarm lady was highly unimpressed with the pieced back. I love it.     


kristie said...

yea for finished projects!

"i never finish anythin"


ps: i started blogging again after a one year break!

Andie Johnson said...

Love it!! The colors are so juicy and the pattern is so striking. Good stuff lady.

Michelle said...

It's so, so beautiful! Bright, cheery, colorful, happy. And *done*! Love the back. Yay, you!