Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's A Boy!

Little Man's Cap / Bonnet

Well, it's for a boy anyway! I can't help myself. I keep making bonnets, and now these little ones with brims make a darling cap. Look at the tiny brim and the beach critters on the fabric:

I think I've enjoyed making these because babies-to-be are all around me among friends and family right now. A lot of them might be able to guess what kind of layette gifts I might bring to the showers or send their way. I thought I could applique a little design to a onesie and add a little play/nap/changing mat, and they will be all set for a little stroll and playtime outdoors.

Little Bird Bonnet

Here are some sweet little birds! Okay, enough already! Maybe I'll stop posting the bonnets now, but I had to show off these darling little fabrics.

So, I received a new contract for a medium-term project work last week. It was sort of all of a sudden but a very nice opportunity. Should all work out as planned, for the next 18 months I'm working with a law firm helping to prepare for a huge event in Charleston in 2010. The plan is I'll work 20+ hours a week in the office and hopefully a bunch of that time at home after a while. I'm hoping to teach the attorney to dictate to me digitally and get used to using me remotely, but, we'll see. He's an older gentleman and used to a large staff at his beck and call in the past, so I have to do a little retraining if I can!

I'm very grateful for the opportunity, but after ten years of working at home in front of my computer in my PJ's and sweats and just running after the kids and napping when I'm tired, the most arduous part of this new "job" is actually showering and dressing to look professional by 8:00 AM! The work is no problem; it's the looking as pretty as I can that's exhausting!

I have to rearrange my schedule for working on my other accounts and in the studio. My plan is to wake up early, shower, work in the studio while the hair dries. Then finish up, go to the law office. Home for lunch and a rest. Work on other accounts in the afternoon and/or run errands, housework, family duties. Dinner. Then work in the studio in the evening and line up the next projects to pick up in the morning and carry on. When one works for oneself, it is really 24/7. However, the autonomy over my schedule is worth every minute of the hard work and running around. No one to answer to but myself. I have to do a GREAT job or I don't get more work. That is quite the incentive when working for yourself. Especially in my business. If my work is done well, I continue to get work. If I blow it or miss a turnaround promise, my client may go shopping elsewhere. It keeps me on my toes but lets me move my schedule around as necessary or as I desire.

So, I've really been too strung out to read all my blog roll! I am going to do something I don't want to do. I'm going to hit the "Mark As Read" button and miss out on a week's worth of my favorite bloggers' words! I hope I don't miss any really important crafting information! I'll just have to catch up later -- Maybe Memorial Day Weekend!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Boy talk about "busy as a bee" congats on the offer. and sometimes we do need to hit that button! No worries! Godd Luck!

Jodie said...

Everyone has to "mark all as read" every now and again - don't fret about it.
Have fun amongst all that busy-ness...

Diann said...


Nanette Merrill said...

The bonnets are super cute. I had 800= in my reader this morning. I hate to just dump them. So I just plug at it. I'm always glad I did.