Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sewn, Embellished, Sold!

Pilot Cap Bonnet with Flower

This little pilot cap/bonnet pattern was calling to me, so I cut a couple out in different sizes this week. I finished and embellished this one, took some modeling shots on a friend's baby boy (he grimaced but endured!), listed it in the shop yesterday afternoon, and woke up to a sold! e-mail. (05/03/09 edit: Another one is listed in the shop now.)

Pilot Cap Bonnet with Flower

This is one of the quickest items that has ever left me, except for my first listing of bias tape. The shape of the cap seems sort of medieval, doesn't it? I think made up in silvers or grays, it might pass for a baby knight's cap. Also, the bonnet is actually fully reversible, but I had to sew on the flower, as suggested in the pattern. It's so fun to mix all the calicoes up, isn't it? I wish I had a baby girl right now so I could sew a wardrobe of all the darling ideas I see around the internet. So, I'll pretend, I guess, and sew for my shop.


Mel said...

very neat, i love to see the creations of creative folks!!!

Kathya said...

I just bought this pattern in the sale.
I fell in love when i saw it.
Cant wait to make my own bonnet.
Thanks for showing the final product. Very cute.

tam said...

Darling-love the calicos and flower embelishment! Congrats on a quick sale-it's no wonder that is so darn cute of course it would sell fast! ~Smiles~Tam

Mary said...

Those are OMG photos. Can't get much cuter!

Carolyn said...

What a precious cap! I love it. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so precious!

Unknown said...

How sweet this is!!! wonderfully done. I love the colors you have selected. I think you should make lots of these. The old-fashioned goodness of this is charming!
~Emily xx